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Wed 16 Jul

26 Jul 16 Moving...just wanna text 26 pic

13 Jul 16 Who takes these uber-sexy photos 13 (swimming pools, etc.) pic

Jul 16 re re re why cant blacks accept their status (3rd responder is a idiot)

Jul 16 How Movie theaters Should be Laid Out pic

Jul 16 Hispanics Have (second) 2nd Grade education

Jul 16 Sleazy, BrownNeck Pinche Beaners are the dysfunctional race!! pic

36 Jul 16 Drake... THE MOTTO 36 (LS)

Jul 16 Larry Boy sez' Hey KINGTIME

Jul 16 ...hiring female budtenders only... (sfv)

Jul 16 Larry Boy sez' Hey KINGTIME

Jul 16 Larry Boy Sez' how stupid are you?

5000 Jul 16 re:The dysfunctional race 5000 (and the winner is???) pic

27 Jul 16 Life just seems to have lost it's spark. 27 (SFV)

Jul 16 The dysfunctional race pic

Jul 16 RE: re: Why can't Blacks just accept their status?

Jul 16 re RE:....reIn need of a little hand (Loserville) YOU...(who posted th (Loserville)

Jul 16 Leave your screaming brats at home PLEASE (W T F is wrong with youville)

Jul 16 I'll tell you what's wrong with the MEXICAN immigrant (or the CENTRAL AMERICAN one) pic

30 Jul 16 Love Sex Romance and Marijuana 30 (everywhere) pic

Jul 16 Ultimate Proof of Pop Generation Suck's Loser Taste (Reality show tie-in beta test, 1,2,3...)

Jul 16 Frisco, Barstow 2050

37 Jul 16 Carbon Footprint 37 (LA)

Jul 16 re: Why can't Blacks just accept their status?

Jul 16 re: Your right Scot this is so much fun.... - 45 (SGV) (you're a loser)

Jul 16 So tired of the excuses and blaming whitey (Take some responsibility) pic

Jul 16 4th of July was great. Stars and stripes waving. (Not that other ugly ass flag) pic

Jul 16 re: Am I desirable

Jul 16 9,000 dead a year by this disease (your country)

Jul 16 For those who try to defend the impact of Latino in Calif (An argument you will never win) pic

Jul 16 I posted how latinos overpopulate, just don't care about our standards (Got an email that nails it!) pic

Jul 16 End of argument for Immigration ========NO ONE CAN DISPUTE FACTS (no one!) pic



Jul 16 Coila Hodges has thin skin and a soft skull... (Delete that posting that calls me out!)

Jul 16 It's that day of the week again "WTF" (Stupid rednecks) pic

Jul 16 Craigslists gotta to be the best place to buy a car! (earth) pic

Jul 16 RE:....reIn need of a little hand (Loserville) pic

Jul 16 9/11 THEME PARK? (east los angeles) pic

51 Jul 16 RE: Recycling Theft Costs YOU Money 51 (Los Angeles) pic

45 Jul 16 Scot.....Can you hear me Now ???? 45 (Everywhere) pic

Jul 16 Am I desirable (los angeles) pic

Jul 16 reIn need of a little hand (Loserville)

Jul 16 Recycling Theft Costs YOU Money (Los Angeles)

Jul 16 People of Inglewood (booger swallow)

Jul 16 Here is the Latest to Consider - if it Applies to You

Tue 15 Jul

30 Jul 15 dirty pig 30 (lynwood)

Jul 15 In need of a little hand

54 Jul 15 why does the Polish national eagle 54 (anywhere but Chicago) pic

Jul 15 re:why cnt weall jus get along pic

Jul 15 Why can't Blacks just accept their status? (doesn't change percentage)

Jul 15 Negro 'rascality' and how to manage it

29 Jul 15 Going to your HS Reunion? 29 (LA)

Jul 15 Larry Boy sez' Hey KINGTIME


42 Jul 15 Don't let your friends go to UCLA Hospital! 42 (Santa Monica) pic

Jul 15 The superior race pic


69 Jul 15 The Stupid Race of Cats 69 (All OVER)

Jul 15 Does anybody know a GOOD, but Affordable Cosmetic Surgeon?

Jul 15 Just keep blaming whites (Never take responsibility) pic

Jul 15 to the prius driving down Willoughby that honked... (West Hollywood)

Jul 15 opening a can of worms on filthy whites pic

Jul 15 I hate that stupid race of

Jul 15 the fake jews look very white to me pic

36 Jul 15 The Internet Dating Age 36 pic

Jul 15 At least Whites don't have to live on welfare like Blacks and Mexicans pic

Jul 15 ABC's False Sense of Diversity (Same old same old...)

Jul 15 I have a secret fetish, Mexican Male Bare feet (I'm a Married White guy) pic

Jul 15 Don't insult us. There's no such thing as a White Jew (West LA)

Jul 15 why all white men turn gay pic

Jul 15 Need a Little Feedback, Please.

Jul 15 Most Blacks are fat, ugly walruses pic

22 Jul 15 AGUJERO INFERIOR LISTO PARA SER USO - w4m 22 (van nuys)

Jul 15 Fake white jews in Israel causing problems pic

Jul 15 reBasically blacks fooled whitey pic

Jul 15 Mexicans and Latinos mad dog you cause they don't want to see you..

Jul 15 Illegal Asians cross USA borders more than any other race. pic

Jul 15 Germans are not butthurt americans

Jul 15 re; racisim in a nutshell (sfv)

Jul 15 Get your pussy asses to Sturgis pic

Jul 15 KUBA should keep its KOONs..

Jul 15 when you leave your house you more likely get killed by latin or black (a BLACK you asshole.)

Jul 15 hey white man...Jews says your daughter can have black babies..

Jul 15 Married White Man with a Mexican Male Bare Foot Fetish pic

40 Jul 15 We Vibe 'Touch' Waterproof Personal Massager is God! 40 pic

Jul 15 whites are butthurt because they're powerless vs. murdering blacks

Jul 15 Basically blacks fooled whitey..

Jul 15 you willl all die soon

99 Jul 15 in re "'re: 5 years till california implodes" 99 (You thought you were so smart...)

31 Jul 15 CATFISH my ASS! 31 (Los Angeles)

Jul 15 Racism in a NutShell or "why we hate them & they hate us" ((It's simple but one sided logic) pic

Jul 15 Help For Mexican People living in Los Angeles: Easier Adjustment (Courses offered Now) pic

27 Jul 15 Flirting with someone via Instagram, Twitter, Tinder? Meet them on TV! 27 (Hollywood, CA)

Jul 15 You can't vacation anywhere in the USA because too many blacks (blacks with guns.)

Jul 15 The reason Mexican guys are always frowning and mad dogging is their (pitos are mucho pequeno) pic

23 Jul 15 taste like pooches 23 (east palmdale) pic

88 Jul 15 KUBA KOONS 88 (MLB)

Jul 15 blacks have the "mark of cain"

Jul 15 dirty black people will kill you if you even look at them funny..


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