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42 American athlete stock liquidation 42 (World)

Jetted like a coward once it was not bought


50 Mr. Suge Knight really did it now!!! 50 (So. Cal.) pic

27 re: middle eastern hate spew, check this out.... 27

I cant stand Middle Eastern people (Shameless people)

Think how its going to look pic

Redneck Beaten To A Pulp...? (Daytona Beach Florida) pic

Come on sleepy alexis I have a buddy who needs his record changed too pic

Why Hilary Clinton lies to people for money

Chicken&Rice, MC !!! pic

re/Pinche BrownNeck Beanscum < / (Futile reasoning with Mexicans) pic

RE/The lady in the white prius on 110fwy pasadena you (Mexicans ruin the Southland) pic

RE/The lady in the white prius on 110fwy pasadena you (Mexicans ruin the Southland) pic

re/mexican drivers, help me understand (Roadways) (Quick Mexican Culture Lesson for U) pic

Re////// Nordics are apes It is often said (Very Special Advanced People.) pic

30 Back the Blue for Cash? 30 (LA)

25 Latino thug vers open to whatever. coins 25 (South Central LA) pic

29 Clo$et Homo$exual Celebritie$??? 29 (US of A$$) pic


Looking for ex girlfriend (Sherman Oaks)

The House of David: The NFL is Fixed, and The True World Champions (The Kingdom of God)

UBER Riders - Cheap or DUMB (All Areas)

32 Anyone kno of a service that sends love grams?? 32 (W Hollywood)

Apologies to my neighbors - morning screaming (DTLA)

what happened to R&R? Nothing but Mexican Whores now? (Deport all messyscum now!) pic

43 Besta Health Care Med Clinic, Jacob Edem a real scammer and dirtbag 43 (Inglewood)

48 Kings 48 (La) pic

25 This guy is an asshole 25 (CSULA) pic

Echo Park Player - Warning - Sahl Rivera (Echo Park)

BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Covina) pic

29 Kobe is done $25 million dollar bum 29 (LA)

los angeles (11th street and burlington street)

29 FREE BJ! No Strings Attached-SWALLOW 29 (hollywood)

29 FREE BJ! No Strings Attached 29 (hollywood)

28 Race is not an Active ingredient for IGNORANCE 28 (Los Angeles)

re/Mexican are poor why ? (Simple Answer-Mex don't care about SHIT) pic

INDIAS MASS STERILIZATION CAMPS- and a last hope for California! (Mexicans won't practice birth control)))

29 FREE BJ! No Strings Attached 29 (hollywood)


55 Have you been scammed by a lover?? 55 (ANYWHERE)

26 Stolen College Career 26

Want to hear what women think about men who shave...down there!

To the girl in need of 130 dollars

To whom it may concern. pic

silver lake smells like under ground sewer (do not feed mexicans) pic


29 In A Darkened Room 29 (US of A)

Your guy, V

w2UUhrkS (Delusional Barrio)

OMG beautiful song about faded romance!

BEWARE!!! pic

37 adult entertainment production - female partner wanted 37

666 michael brown punk ass thug is in Hell 666 (Hell) pic

Superbowl Inflate- A Ball- Video Parody of Cialis

Football Quotes Words of Wisdom

Bad Sex Flat Stomach Story

Time is Like A Bagpipe Story

State of Pants on Fire Speech

Relationship Wisdom

Hypnotized with unwanted results?

33 Jackson Hewlitt is a SHIT Company.... 33 (Los Angeles)

Dear John B:

22 filipina looking for fun 22

30 LAPD Stationing LAPD patty wagon@Hollywood&Highland 30 (Hollywood)

51 The House of David: Carson in '16! 51 (The House of David)

Moving To Detroit Story; Man's Histeria

Bill Clinton's 'ORGY ISLAND' Group Sex Exposed by SEX SLAVE pic

The Dark Bible

63 To the "Hollywood Elite" 63 (Scranton, PA)

Obamanization is Globalization Defined

Sgt. O'brien pic

Muslims treated like Cuban Plane Hijackers in the 1960's

666 computer piracy ! 666 (Huntington park ca)

U.S. Senator Reply's to Syrian Immigration of 9,000

That L.E.S Stinger pic

32 pussy eater and toe sucker 32 (los Angeles)

46 compaƱera y socia 46 (los angeles)

Hilary's lastest Spin on Benghazi......... pic

50 busco un hombre para violarlo 50 (boyle hights)

27 Help im suffering so bad , I don't know what to do or where to turn 27

re/Mexican are poor why (Simple Anwer-Mex don't care about SHIT) (Carlos Slim? Worthless!) pic

27 k.........let's see what the 'immigrants' are up to...... - - 27 pic

24 Huh, Weird more blacks lately murdered, usually mostly beaners 24 (Huh, weird!)

Mexican Filth of Los Angeles! I have an announcement regarding------- ((your lives in this country)) pic

re/mexican drivers, help me understand (Roadways) (Quick Mexican Culture Lesson for U) pic

38 Its a day to relax... 38 (ktown)

38 Seeking passionate love making 38 (Chinatown)

Heart Thumper! VI

Sudents of Architecture Question

24 is anyone alive in here 24 (los angeles)

Free sperm DoNeR wanted 18-40 (east los angeles)

Easy fix to see if your mail has arrived pic

The Dark Bible

My girlfriend's vagina

32 Michael Moore 32 (everywhere)

re/California does not need Villaraigosa ---Tony The Racist will run (Racist Mex-filth will vote 4 scumbag) pic

re/Why is there no movement to fix Mexico? (Just asking.) FILTH here- (mexicans are sore loser.....corruption)) pic

32 re/I remember reading about that redneck kid molesting a 9 yr boy 32 (WHAT are you talking about?) pic

Re:a dialogue between 2 of La's (you're running out of lives) pic

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