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That police officer in Ferguson is a hero pic

23 The Museum of Ugly Christmas Sweaters 23 (Los Angeles) pic

re: depressed over aging (Earth)

Dial "L" for Lesbian and "P" for Pain Volume 3

Why can't Mexican become productive members of society in Mexico? pic

which girl would u get hard for pic

21 re/reconquista dipshit 21 (LA)

Asians are rude and throw cigarette butts all over the streets (SGV) pic

Say good bye to the beauty Cuba has now . (U.S will pollute Cuba) pic

re: I have a degree and can't even find min wage or a holiday job

27 Hyatt century plaza group action 27

Diversity is shit thrown by (Monkey Fingers) pic

Struggle with anxiety?

Worshiping "Diversity"..equals acceptance (of Inequality!) pic

19 NEED A FAKE TEXT 19 (La )

Reconquista stupidity (Mucho estupido) pic

54 Liberal Socialist Democrats wining about GWB 54 (Los Angeles) pic

48 diversity sucks 48 (LAisruined)

34 Daniel Deluxe roots from 98 the prodigy also 80s 34 (in yo head )

RE: Confessions of a Sperm Donor - 32 (Los Angeles)

Black cry babies pic

99 James T Henderson 46 99 (WeHo)

32 blond hair, blue eyes ;) 32 (costa mesa)

Wake Up Anti-Racists This Ain't Hippie-Land!!! (Nor is it Public Schooling) pic

102 Who is this asshole? 102 (venice)

Re,re Whites, Your post is full of crap pic

protest against the murder.... pic

They just said on the radio, Illegals use $6 Billion a year in Welfare (foodstamps and public services)


22 rude mexicans 22 (LA)

re: Screw the 1% Take back America from the 1% $25 per hour minimum wa

43 Don't let your friends go to UCLA Hospital! 43 (Santa Monica) pic


Fuck Diversity and Affirmative action (Counter-Productive) pic

My daughter wanted to become a City of San Diego lifeguard (Gender discrimination) pic

44 Weakest party ever 44

54 Liberal Socialist Democrats ruining America 54 (Los Angeles) pic

The reason Obama is giving all these Illegal Aliens amnesty is so they (can vote for Democrats )

It was colored Democrats that were responsible for the Huricane (Kratrina disaster)

21 Need medicine delivered 21 (RPV)

Mexicans will look like a one leg man in an ass kicking contest in the (race war)

Blacks and Mexicans have been more evil than any race in History

Married seeking Older fr younger.........!!!!

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