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Mon 21 Jul

Jul 21 Need Help, Being Harassed by a Police Officer

Jul 21 re reply

Jul 21 Reply - re are you mad

Jul 21 It's the International Muslim Climate Change Conspiracy! (Trailer Parkville) pic map

Jul 21 Immigrant Children victims of U.S. GENOCIDE & Racism! (West Hollywood) pic

Jul 21 re are you mad

Jul 21 Treat Yourself Right - Gift yourself with a Massage! (VENICE (Rose & Lincoln)) map

Jul 21 ricardo lara - AGENT FOR NAROCMEX? (la raza supremacy)

Jul 21 ricardo lara - AGENT FOR NAROCOMEX? (la raza supremacy) map

Jul 21 imperial amnesty is here! VIVA LA RAZA SUPREMACY! map

Jul 21 Arrogance of the Political Elite Costs You at the Pump ( $2 per gallon over the next five years) pic

Jul 21 re agw and consensus

Jul 21 re agw and consensus

Sun 20 Jul

Jul 20 Obama Bans AK-47s with Executive Order 13662 pic map

Jul 20 GOT INTEGRITY ?? (los angeles) pic

Jul 20 Planned Parenthood Tells Kids, "Experiment by Pooping on Your Sex Part map

Jul 20 American Sharia: Philadelphia Muslim Imam & Amir Attempt to Cut off Ma pic map

Sat 19 Jul

Jul 19 re still more agw/charts

Jul 19 the "consensus" (is BS)

Jul 19 re agw/charts

Jul 19 Barack Obama Doesn't Care About Black People pic

Thu 17 Jul

Jul 17 Stop filing income tax (fight back) pic map

Jul 17 real observed charts on temps (actual temps)

Jul 17 re agw/charts (FAILURE)

Jul 17 re teabaggers wrong

Jul 17 re page not found SPAM (idiotville)

Jul 17 yep, gosh darn AGW (record LOWS in summer)

Jul 17 RE: AGW & Charts (teabagger Debunked again!) (West Hollywood) pic map

Jul 17 re sick attitude

Jul 17 AGW and charts

Jul 17 Climate Science Reply teabaggers won't understand again! (West Hollywood) pic map

Jul 17 teabaggers WRONG on Climate Change Denial! (West Hollywood) pic img map

Jul 17 OLD teabagger Spamster yet to cite a source! (West Hollywood) pic map

Jul 17 Some Climate Science tebaggers WON'T understand! (West Hollywood) pic map

Jul 17 hey turdboy? how's that obummer doing?

Jul 17 re lots of

Jul 17 lots of links that work (AGW (BS))

Wed 16 Jul

Jul 16 re international muslims

Jul 16 RE re: International Muslim (who keeps owning you!) (Trailer Parkville) pic map

Tue 15 Jul

Jul 15 Re rich

Jul 15 re rich

Jul 15 Obama Cool-Aid........Zombie Liberals (USA) pic map

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