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Mon 01 Sep

Sep 1 Pinche BrownNeck Beanscum pic

Sep 1 I love eating my g/f's ass...yummm (san fernando valley) pic

Sep 1 Police shootings protest in LA

44 Sep 1 Raising the minimum wage is just making everything more expensive 44

Sep 1 really, now peeps are posting pics of their dumps? (west l.a.) pic

Sep 1 Shit, RnR! Come on, people (unless you're all bots)

Sep 1 How about hiring a real hottie like this as a budtender? pic

Sep 1 That police officer in Ferguson is a hero

Sep 1 Dial "L" for Lesbian and "P" for Pain pic

Sep 1 Dial "L" for Lesbian and "P" for Pain pic

Sun 31 Aug

Aug 31 re: cock obsession that guy has pic

Aug 31 The girl complaining about White privilege loves uncircumsized penis

Aug 31 Do something about it! Mexicans (The Boarder) pic

Aug 31 re: re:re: plastic bag ban (so f-ing what)

Aug 31 They have Black people coming out of the wood work saying Brown was a (thug criminal )

Aug 31 re:re: Equality for blacks (here) (stupidity)

Aug 31 rere: Burning man naked people

Aug 31 What's the difference between MEX FASCIST PARTY of LA RAZA & DEMS??? (.... nada!)

Sat 30 Aug

42 Aug 30 Don't let your friends go to UCLA Hospital! 42 (Santa Monica) pic

Aug 30 Re:Re: plastic bag ban response (typical)

Aug 30 If you opened this, you will have been chosen to appear in the new (SAW live reality show) pic

Aug 30 plastic bag ban what the stores didn't think of

Aug 30 great spot (los angeles)

Aug 30 Great white shark in Manhattan Beach!!!!

Aug 30 re:Driver


Aug 30 That police officer in Ferguson is a hero

Aug 30 Black cry babies

Aug 30 Christians harassed at pro Hamas rally pic

Aug 30 RE Michael Brown was a Crypt and a murderer brother (St. Louis) (NOT!)

Fri 29 Aug

31 Aug 29 quick sexual question 31 (los angeles)

Aug 29 reRETo any white idiot who thinks White Guilt is akin to White Privile

Aug 29 Are you paying attention?

52 Aug 29 I Saw the Tribulation 52

Aug 29 RETo any white idiot who thinks White Guilt is akin to White Privilege (well almost)

Aug 29 If blacks built all these fancy buildings in Africa, why don't you (move back?)

Aug 29 To any white idiot who thinks White Guilt is akin to White Privilege (why stay so ignorant????) pic

Aug 29 They just said on the radio, Illegals use $6 Billion a year in Welfare (foodstamps and public services)

Aug 29 re They have plenty of Black privilege in Africa,why don't you move ba (false, false, and wrong) pic

Aug 29 DUI Checkpoint Weekend Begins (((TONIGHT!))) pic

Aug 29 They have plenty of Black privilege in Africa,why don't you move back?

Aug 29 I truly love how white racists claim there's no white privilege... (and then prove that there is!)

Aug 29 B & B HARDWARE STILL IN BUSINESS (12450 W/Washington Blvd)

Aug 29 Re white nepotism--------nice try..blacks/latinos get hired (BASED ON RACE NOT JOB SKILLS) pic

Aug 29 Re: Hotel bathroom

Aug 29 Re white nepotism

Thu 28 Aug

Aug 28 why do you expect 50% or more of everything?

Aug 28 startling news! How LA could be the "Safest City" (least violent) in (the world! THE WORLD!!!!!!) pic

Aug 28 re Ingieneron los Mexicans el hacedor de hielo? - 54 (EAST L.A.) pic


Aug 28 Breaking News!! Joan Rivers DEAD! pic

Aug 28 Beware of "Bootcamp LA" Fitness scammer (Fraud-town)

Aug 28 It was colored Democrats that were responsible for the Huricane (Kratrina disaster) pic

Aug 28 Do you remember? (los angeles)

Aug 28 Info for whites ONLY others wont like the truth

Wed 27 Aug

Aug 27 reWhat is wrong with you guys - 32 (Los Angeles)

Aug 27 Anyone heard of JOSH SHAW? (Negroville) pic

Aug 27 reRE: How do illegal aliens pay taxes?,they work under table

34 Aug 27 Can anyone help me meet eminem? will do almost anythigto meet him... 34 (san pedro)

Aug 27 It is an insult to American Indians when Mexicans claim they are (American Indians) pic

Aug 27 re is it wrong to hate mexicans? i never felt that way about anybody.. pic

Aug 27 hill billy read a book

Aug 27 Where Can I Hire A White or Black Housecleaner

Aug 27 Corrupt former head of ASPCA, Ed Sayres, now heads the murderous PIJAC (Long Beach)


24 Aug 27 Female Salsa Partner Needed 24 (LA AREAS)

Aug 27 Police shootings protest in LA

Tue 26 Aug

Aug 26 The BEST thing about OBAMA is ... (US) pic

24 Aug 26 Searching for date to Kiesza show @ ROXY 24 (West Hollywood)

Aug 26 hill billy

Aug 26 Why can't Mexican become productive members of society in Mexico? pic

Aug 26 King Jealousy (heaven)

Aug 26 get rid of bugs with clr in spray bottle

Aug 26 I love Mexican Male Bare Feet (Married White Man) pic

Aug 26 Every word from BARRY is a nugget of Golden Truth (Wisdom from a great President) pic

31 Aug 26 Re: Legitimate Question to African Americans/Blacks 31 (los angeles)

48 Aug 26 Legitimate Question to African Americans/Blacks 48 (Los Angeles)

Mon 25 Aug

Aug 25 re RE: Women on CL (Heart All Dongs) (Daughterville)

Aug 25 RE: The girl explaining White privilege loves uncircumsized penis!

Aug 25 re Women on CL - 100 (CL)

100 Aug 25 WHAT if FOLEY was BLACK ?! 100 (USSR) pic

Aug 25 RE:You are no father - 30

Aug 25 hmm some butthurt anti-proof jerk hates facts about crime (flags crime stats instantly) pic

Aug 25 In Memory of Mike Brown (Local Bar) pic

26 Aug 25 I HAD THE BEST LIMO SERIVE! 26 (los angeles) pic

43 Aug 25 What if internet expired? who cares rant/rave evil forum go bye bye 43 (open) pic

40 Aug 25 Tired of silence! 40

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