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And Yes, we can put you on page 1 of a Google search (if that's what you want).

Extremely Affordable Rates!

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All business types: Tiny brick & mortar stores / restaurants - to Huge online stores - servicing the world.

Doctors, Lawyers, Plumbers, Electricians.. Whether you sell products, or provide a service - we cover you!

We've been growing businesses for over 11 years.
One client is averaging $160,000/month through Facebook.

Have a Local Store? Something we specialize in - Jam packing restaurants & stores with paying customers!

One client went from averaging 20 transactions a day (small local store).
To well over 130 transactions a day. The traffic increase we bring our clients is astonishing.

We offer a lot more than just having you show up at the top of Google / Bing search results.

We can get extremely creative - and reach any/everyone that would love your product/service - if only they knew you existed! If they don't know you're there, they may not be searching for you - or even what you have. We get extremely technical - utilize high level nerdy data tools & reach people who are tailor made to love your store, restaurant, service etc...

This line of Marketing is extremely tedious & technical. The possibilities for any campaign are almost infinite.

It takes a special kind of person(s) to perform exceptionally in this industry. The stars have to align just right for an individual to even have the capacity to use these platforms to their highest potential.

We set the bar extremely high - The only people that will ever touch your account are expert level & completely passionate, totally engrossed in these platforms.

Platforms we cover:
Google Ads / Aka Google AdWords
Facebook Ads
Bing Ads
Instagram Ads
YouTube Ads
Yelp Ads
Amazon Ads
Pinterest Ads
Twitter Ads
Linkedin Ads
Google Analytics
Email Marketing - Mail Chimp & more...
All Social Media Marketing / Social Media Advertising
All Digital Marketing Services
Google PPC / Bing PPC
Website Banner Ads
Mobile App Ads
Geo Fencing
Display Ads

Whether you're a small mom & pop shop - only servicing your local area,
Or a huge online store - servicing the world - we can help you!

We do everything. Campaign creation & daily monitoring / optimization.

We write all the Ad copy. Provide stock images if needed. Intense, profoundly specific user targeting. Search Engine Ads, all Keywords & Negative Keywords. We think for the business! We take the keywords process very seriously, extremely thoughtful of which should be broad match, phrase match & exact match. We research your industry, competition & are take every measure to learn what your negative keywords should be. Without them, you'd be wasting lots of money everyday - having your Ads indexing for users that have no need for your service. This is an extremely tedious process that not many advertisers do - or do well. One of our accounts, we found over $100,000 completely gone to waste (2 year span) - cause the agency & employees in charge of the account did broad keyword match, when they should have been doing phrase & exact match in their campaigns. And their negative keywords list in each campaign was amateur level.

There's so many amazing things we can do for you, here's just a short list - in no particular order:

-Have you appear at top search results on Google, Bing, Yelp etc..

-Show your product / service to people who are most likely to impulsively shop with you.

-Advertise your business - to people who have looked up your competitors.

-Event Marketing - Have hundreds, even thousands of people show up to an event you're throwing.

-Can target - only people with household income $100,000+ or $250k+ or 500k+

-People who just bought a house, people who just got engaged, just women, just men, just fitness fanatics etc..

-We can show beautiful, intriguing Ads, with Videos / Images - to all types of people. Here's just a few:

As it relates to Google Search Ads, Bing Search Ads / Microsoft Ads, Yahoo Search Ads, AOL Search Ads etc...

This is by far the most difficult Ad placement type to be successful at. There are so many moving parts, the platforms are incredibly vast. Finding an "ACTUAL EXPERT" can seem nearly impossible! Search Ads are profoundly complex. There's areas where it's more of an art, than a science. And there's aspects that are extremely precise & data heavy. Only the best of us can pull off staying abreast. We use Expert Level SEO in all our Search Advertising efforts. The results we bring are astounding!


*People who have searched or visited your competition recently

*People who have searched on Google or Youtube - Anything! Just tell us what searches to target.

*People who have recently mentioned certain words, or full blown phrases on their phone, social media etc..

*People who have visited your website - can have Ads appear: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Websites they visit, Apps they use that show Ads. All social media, and almost any website they visit that shows Ads.

*People who went to your online store, added products to cart - but didn't purchase. We can show them their products & give them a promo deal if they purchase now. (Or whenever).

*People who have bought things from your site.

*People who have been to your site - but didn't purchase.

*All Retarget Marketing, Google Remarketing, Geo Fence Targeting, All Retargeting, Facebook Pixel Marketing!

The options are endless... Anything you've ever seen on Social Media, Ads on Websites, Ads on YouTube, Google Search Ads, Bing Search Ads / Microsoft Ads, Ads on Apps you use - we can do. Including Ads in your email - Gmail Ads & Yahoo Ads. They appear at the very top - in promos.

Demographic targeting is endless.. Married, Single, Engaged, Divorced... Any specific ages you want. Can target just "Rich People" if you want.. Can also target people with crazy spending habits - people who buy stuff impulsively left & right. Can target people who buy very expensive things - frequently.

Can target people that are actively making purchases - right now, for specific things (whatever it is you sell or provide).

We are profoundly generous with our time. We love what we do. We live, eat & breath "the things of" Search Engine Ads & Social Media Ads - We look forward to hearing from you!

We also provide landing pages & Websites. Premium Grade Website Design - For all business types. From Service Based - to - eCommerce Website Design & Creation.


We become your Marketing Director! Why hire a waiter, when you can hire a Chef? We tell you what you need! It's as if you hired an expert to grow your business for you. As opposed to you telling us exactly what to do - and exactly how to do it, as if we're just glorified data entry people - We Are The Marketing Direction! We bring this priceless quality to the table!

Call, Text, Or email for your FREE consultation.
We'll take care of you!


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