Interstate 31M-AGM 12 Volt Marine Batteries - $150 (La Crescenta)

I have several near new Interstate 31M-AGM Dual Purpose Marine Batteries.

I have 3 X 31M-AGM, and 2 X 31M-AGM-7. The difference between the two is that the 31M-AGM has regular Automotive post on top and it also has the large heavy duty Stud posts like on semi truck batteries. The 31M-AGM-7 only has the studs look at the pics and you will understand.

Dual purpose marine batteries are built with thicker and larger plates that give them more antimony compared to marine starting batteries. They also feature a dynamic and vigorous lead paste chemistry that enables them to tolerate deep discharge operations.

With its high antimony and ability to tolerate deep discharge operations, dual purpose marine batteries are very useful in some situations. Small powerboats and runabouts that use only one battery for starting and supporting their electrical loads when the motor is not running may benefit more in dual-purpose batteries.

Some sailboat owners that uses two interchangeable batteries for starting and house loads prefer using them because they are more versatile and flexible in this kind of situation. If you think that this type of battery is the one you need for your application, take a look at Interstate’s dual purpose marine battery selection listed below:

The 31M-AGM Interstate dual purpose model is a Pure Matrix Power AGM battery designed to handle both the cranking task and running the electrical grid when the engine or motor is off. It is equipped with the most efficient battery plate design using pure, non-alloy lead.

Allowing it to have a longer life compared to traditional alloy AGM batteries and faster charging rate. Offering a reserve capacity of 190 Ah at 25 amps, it also has an 1190 cranking amp rating and 800 cold cranking amp rating. Making it one of the most sought-after batteries of its kind available in the market today.

With its 69 lbs, weight and dimensions measuring 13 x 6.8125 x 9.4375 inches, this battery belong to the 31DP group size. The 31M-AGM model is also considered as one of the top dual purpose marine batteries of today which makes it an excellent investment to back your boating adventures.

$150 each. Text or call me at 818 390 one six two seven.

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