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Done-For-You Weight Loss Now In 13 Days With
This Little Know Secret!

"New Breakthrough Discoveries In Science And
Psychology Help You Eliminate The Anxiety,
Nervousness, Self-Doubt And FEAR With Your
Current Body (that you secretly hate), Which Is
Destroying Your Chances With Getting The Body
You Want - It's Time To FINALLY Overcome
Your Fears of Being Out Of Shape and Take
Control Of Your Emotions, Learn To Lose Weight;
So You Can Easily Experience Permanent Weight
Loss To Start Conversations... And Transform
Yourself Into The Powerful, Confident, Attractive
Person That You Desperately Deserve To Be..."

If You're Ready To Finally Say Goodbye To "Being
The Gym's lil Bitch in 2019"...Feeling The Insecurity,
Fear, And Anxiety That Is Holding You Back From
TRUE Success With Losing Weight... Then This
Will Be The Most Important Thing You Ever Read...

Dear Friend,

Have you ever screwed up with keeping your word?
You know what I mean. You said in 2018 you would
be in sexy great shape and your friends and family
secretly know that you failed...(sigh)

Be honest with me here.

I want to know...

... have you ever been worried about your HEALTH
and maintaining a healthy lifestyle...? How those
additional pounds of fat on you could have a detrimental
on your health. Does heart disease, certain cancers,
sleep apnea, gallstones and type 2 diabetes ring a

...have you ever been worried about losing the weight
and THEN struggling to keep the weight off?
You know what I'm talking about. In the past, you've
done the work, implemented changes in your diet,
improved your exercise regimen and successfully
lost weight and it uncontrollably made it's way back
on your body.

...have you ever been ashamed, feeling like you are
not in control of your life and embarrassed on
how your body is perceived by others? You know:
the low self-esteem, depression and low confidence
you feel that's impeding your ability to get ahead in
your career, attract experiences from your ideal
workout regime was unsustainable for you and it
resulted in the weight rushing back and deepening
your spiral of self doubt.

...have you ever "lost your cool" when you were all
alone because of joint problems from being out of
shape, craving that energy boost?

Have you ever had one of these things happen to

If you...are like I was when I first started on my
own journey of working on my own weight loss
to my current muscular fit body, then you've
been in one or more of these situations... probably

And what's the WORST part about going through
one of these things?

Well, if you ask me, the most PAINFUL part of it
is that as you're going through it, you always
KNOW that it's YOU that's screwing things up!

* It's not the gym.

* It's not your current situation.

* It's not ANYTHING else.

It's YOU... and you know it. You could FEEL that
you were out of control of yourself and the situation,
and you could FEEL that you were the one who
was screwing things up... because you just couldn't
get CONTROL of yourself.

And THAT'S the part that really sucks.

[Why Is This So Hard?]

After spending many years doing fitness "self-help,"
and working to figure out my own crazy mind
and emotions, I started to wonder...

Why is this so HARD for most people?

I mean, it's challenging enough to get up and go
to work everyday, pay the bills, and keep the car
running right... but that's only PART of life. We
ALSO have to deal with the things that we have
going on INSIDE of ourselves.

And the question that kept coming up for me was:
Why is it so hard to deal with these things we have
going on INSIDE... like fear, anxiety, and other
psychological challenges of being fit and STAYING
Well, one of the answers that I came up with is
interesting. And it's something that I think might
help YOU deal with some of these same gym

TEXT 310-426-872one TO GET MORE INFO NOW

Fix The IMPORTANT Things
And The Other Things Will
"Fix Themselves"

This new fitness mindset and strategy training I
created for you, allowed me to see that most of
my psychological and emotional challenges were
actually SIMILAR to each other... and I realized
that if I could fix a major emotional challenge, it
would AUTOMATICALLY solve a ton of other
problems at the same time.

As you've probably noticed your fitness Inner
Game challenges can be very SIMILAR to each
other. You can actually group them into CATEGORIES...
No amount of "hard work" is going to get it
running if you don't have the right stuff under
the hood.

With past clients I've trained, I've seen a lot of
men and women making this mistake.

It's the very same mistake I made when I was
first trying to learn all of this.

I seen them trying to solve their over weight
problems with techniques and fad diets... when
they have fitness problems that can never be
solved with technique to get the body you want.

Your "Missing Link" To
Fitness Success...

I'm about to tell you something that you already

I think you ALREADY KNOW far more than the
average person that goes to the gym to get super fit.
In fact, you probably know more about this than
most people who are "naturally" skinny and fit.
You already know the "diet tricks"... and what
you need to do to be successful. But things just
aren't working for you the way you wish they

And... I think that you KNOW that the problem
isn't that you need more techniques.

You have that part of the "map" down.

I think you realize that the problem is something

Something more intense.

Something more personal... and more difficult to
I also think you know that if and when you DO
tackle and defeat this problem... and get this "
other side" handled once and for all... you WILL
achieve the success with your fitness plan - and
in life - that you were born to have.

And I think you realize by now that this isn't
going to happen by itself.

The problem isn't going to "solve" itself... the
pieces aren't going to just "fall into place"... and
you will NOT have the success with women you
are looking for unless you DO SOMETHING

The bad news is that this is never easy.

In fact... for most people it is next to impossible ...
and sadly... most go their entire lives without
ever handling their issues and achieving their
personal fit success story they deserve.

I'll say it again:


Fortunately, it DOESN'T have to be this way for

A Life-Changing Breakthrough
In Diet and Fitness Science

Going through this fitness program is like upgrading
your brain with the latest in "fitness" and "weight
loss" software. Fear, anxiety, depression, nervousness,
loneliness, anger, and frustration will quickly become
a thing of the past. Every part of your fitness life will
begin to run more smoothly... you'll feel like you are
on "auto-pilot" as you make all of the right moves
with in the gym every time.

If you've tried EVERYTHING and you can't get
a grip on what your problem is and how to solve
it... this program is especially for YOU.

If you're feeling like you don't have any control
over your fitness life... or if you're feeling used
and manipulated... or powerless, trapped and
hopeless... this will show you how to break free
from these chains and take control of your life
back... and start commanding power and respect
from all you come in contact with.

And that's just a very small sample of what my
program's fitness transformation technology
will do for you.

Here are a few of the other things you'll learn inside
this exciting program:

• How to patch up the holes in your self-esteem
FOR GOOD and build a rock-solid foundation of
confidence that all fit people "feel" when they're
around you

• Why human nature can actually PREVENT
you from having success with the gym... and what
you absolutely must do to overcome your "bad
programming" and start living the gym life you
were born to live

• A 2-step exercise to identifying exactly how
you are letting the gym control your actions so
you can eliminate their influence and be YOUR
OWN person (Which in turn will cause you to
attract weight loss and muscles like crazy)

• Do you ever feel like you are just too "nice"
or sensitive, or have a hard time saying "no" to
that voice that tells you to into the gym TOMORROW?
Here's a simple technique you can use when you
FEEL this happening to clear your head and
make the right choice

• A simple change in your attitude that will
prevent a the fat from ever trying to take control of your life

• A brand new scientifically proven way to
permanently break free from depression and sadness
of not being fit... no matter how severe... and
replace it with feelings of happiness and contentment

• How to conquer your emotional energy and
give yourself the ability to turn any uncomfortable
feeling about the pain it will take in the gym into
positive energy that motivates you to succeed
and get your ideal body

• A detailed, recipe-like way to build self-esteem
that works every single time (The secret is in the
step-by-step process, which you'll learn in detail)

• A simple psychological trick to conquer anger
and anxiety and never again be a slave to your

• How to become your own personal trainer
and guide yourself to your fitness goals success
without needing the help of anyone else

REAL Stories From A Guy Who
Has "Been There"...

This [done-4-you] new fitness program wouldn't
be complete without some other unique perspectives...
and to put the "icing on the cake"... I invited another
friend of mine who has overcome some serious
inner game issues of his own to share his secrets...

My best client has "been there"... and he's a
tremendous example of what you can accomplish
by getting this area of your life handled. He's
been able to lose over 125 lbs. in under one year
by mastering his emotions and anxiety... and in
this riveting presentation he'll show you how you
can use the strategies he used to "shed the weight"
to overcome any problem YOU might be facing.

How Can You Know If
This Program Is For You?

If you have same the gym is not "your type" but
you want muscles, you might not need it.

If you don't have any anxiety, lack of self-esteem,
or fear of what you see once you get out shower...
and you never hit a dry spell, it might not be for

If you don't have any problems when you are
"in the moment"... and you always do the right
thing when it counts (especially with gym
procrastination and you REALLY want this to
end), you probably don't need it.

Read through the list below... and if you find that
you have experienced ANY ONE of these problems,
I highly recommend you grab this program now.

However... if while reading through this list you
realize that you have experienced more than one
of these "chronic diseases" that are almost
impossible to shake... you NEED to get this
program immediately:

• If you've ever been in a situation with a woman
and known exactly what to do... but in the moment,
your emotions took over and you screwed it up...

• If you feel that if you run out of "lines" and "
techniques" to JUSTIFY why you don't need to
change your body (that you secretly hate)...

• If you thought being super fit was the answer
to your problems, but once you were with one you
still had problems.

• If you have ever learned an awesome diet fad
weight loss.muscle build "technique"... but for
some reason it didn't work for YOU.

• If you want to turn your "hit and miss" success
with getting muscles into massive, CONSISTENT

• If you feel like you are "almost there"... but
you just can't get it completely you
are secretly doomed to fail wit the gym for the
rest of your life.

• If you've learned ideas and known they would
work... but you couldn't even TRY OUT what
you learned because you were too afraid...

The bottom line is this:

I don't need to tell you whether or not you need
the information that is in this program. If you
need it, you already know it.

There is a very good chance that this program
contains THE KEY you need to have the success
with women you want. And I want you to have it...

Why This Program Is
Very Different From
Everything Else Out There

Before you decide whether or not this program is
for you... I want to tell you why it's DIFFERENT
from everything else that's ever been created on
this topic.

Reason #1: It's the first time that a program has
ever been created SPECIFICALLY to help men
improve their Inner Game for FITNESS success.

Reason #2: This program was created by one
MAN who both SPECIALIZE in helping men
and women overcome Inner Game issues in
order to become more successful in their lives...
and with fitness success.

Reason #3: This program is a condensed, high-impact,
"Best Of The Best" when it comes to improving your
Fitness Inner Game.

Reason #4: This is a VISUAL model, which means
you'll learn it faster, and use it more.

Reason #5: This program is INTERACTIVE... it
teaches you exercises and tools that you will
actually use and apply AS YOU WATCH IT.

Reason #6: This program is focused on helping
you solve your Fitness Success Issues at the

I can't say when. It may happen the day you finish
the program... within the first couple of weeks...
or several months down the road, but it will
happen. I guarantee it.

It's what I call...

The "Magic Moment"

It's magic because you'll see exciting changes
happening in your life, but you won't believe it.
At the moment it happens...

You suddenly find yourself awed by what's
happening to you. You stop what you're doing.
Feel a weight lift from your shoulders. And

I want you to experience your magic moment...
and turn your life into the exciting adventure it
is meant to be.

And now it's up to you to make it happen.

Don't let another day go by. Make the decision
right now to create this new life for yourself...
and don't let anything stop you from achieving
your dreams.

It's time.

Click on one of these links, and order now:

Your Friend,

Fitness AL
"Your Trainer's Trainer"

P.S. This program will give you the tools to quickly
and completely transform yourself into the type of
ideal body you been craving for years. You'll be
amazed at just how quickly you feel your confidence
building... and the improvements in your personal
and dating life will start happening immediately.
See Below on how to order now:

CALL NOW 310-426-872one

Read What Others Have To Say...

The following testimonials came from people
who actually went through this program already.
(These have been edited and names changed
to initials for privacy.)

This program is money very well spent. I recently
broke up with a girlfriend and this program helped
me to understand it and identify my over weight
problem and how to fix it. Now I have a much
greater ability to attract women. Because of you
my success with women is off the charts!"
- D., Phoenix

"You've shown me that the fitness inner game is
everything. I am now able to keep my cool around
my fit friends. This summer I dated the hottest
guy I have ever met and it was because of what
I learned from your program. My whole outlook
on life has changed."
- M., Scientist from Santa Barbara, CA

"I am now immune to the effects of fat creeping
back on body! This program has been a
comprehensive approach to changing the way
I interact with staying consistent in the gym
with the Big Boys..."
- L. from Austin, TX

"Your program is about a lot more than just gym
success, but how to improve your life in general.
The material has helped me learn how to over
come fear in general. I have actually started my
own business recently and that is something
I would have never had the courage to do
previously. "
- N., IT Specialist, Orange County

"This program gave me a lot of tools to help make
going to the gym easier. I heard of his previous
program and that worked so I'm glad I bought
this one too."
- Jason, Hardware Engineer from Edmonton Canada

"People always tell you that to interact with more
people meet you have to be more confident. Well
this program actually gave me the steps and
taught me how to do that..."
- J., Denver

"Your material has been a great stepping stone in
my life from being an average guy to be a dominant
and powerful person that can get what he wants.
This program has been very empowering for me."
- E., Michigan

"This material has showed me how to attract
the right kind attitude to do my work better.
When you look good, feel good, you DO GOOD. "
- N., Grad Student from Salt Lake City

"I learned that if you're going to be really
improving anything else in your life, the core
foundation of everything is your inner gym
self. You've helped me improve myself by
regaining my power and teaching me how
to be a man."
- P., Web Developer, Seattle
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