TravelGig®! The REFERRAL Gig! Weekly/Monthly Income! SIGNING BONUS!!! (Nationwide)

TravelGig®! The REFERRAL Gig! Weekly/Monthly Income! SIGNING BONUS!!! 1 thumbnailTravelGig®! The REFERRAL Gig! Weekly/Monthly Income! SIGNING BONUS!!! 2 thumbnailTravelGig®! The REFERRAL Gig! Weekly/Monthly Income! SIGNING BONUS!!! 3 thumbnailTravelGig®! The REFERRAL Gig! Weekly/Monthly Income! SIGNING BONUS!!! 4 thumbnailTravelGig®! The REFERRAL Gig! Weekly/Monthly Income! SIGNING BONUS!!! 5 thumbnail
compensation: Unlimited
There will be that day when you say prosperously, "I was there at the beginning of TravelGig®, and the revolution of HappiTravel®"... with a wink and a smile.

This is a HappiTravel® Company FLAGSHIP AD! You are responding to Our Unmatched GROUND FLOOR App-Based BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY, which INCLUDES extreme WHOLESALE Travel Discount Savings! We are rivaling and surpassing Priceline, Expedia, and all their subsidiaries that only offer "discounted" retail sales with their bloated RETAIL SITES! They CAN'T offer what HappiTravel® offers... so OUR smart customers know they'll "NEVER PAY RETAIL AGAIN!" The Secret is OUT!


Welcome CANADA!!! Beyond the USA - Our HappiTravel® Wholesale Membership Product has just expanded its AVAILABILITY into CANADA... and the CARIBBEAN... Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, and Trinidad & Tobago, just to START!

HappiTravel® is overtaking the Travel Industry with a just-announced Rollout of INCREASED VALUE and LOWERED COST - affording the masses of travel consumers Worldwide WHOLESALE Travel Access for ONLY $99/Year - NO MONTLY FEES! - with a Complimentary Bonus Vacation upon Renewal!!! This Unprecedented Value has our TravelGig® Affiliates hopping with Referral Activity and Income! We are gaining CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE!!! We need more Affiliates!

***UPDATE!!!*** The TravelGig® BUSINESS APP is NOW also available in ESPANOL! Our HappiTravel® Product has just expanded to NINE Latin America Countries, Puerto Rico and Spain! There has never been a better time to join Travel Gig® than RIGHT NOW, and benefit from the millions of Spanish-speaking Customers discovering Wholesale Travel... as we take over the industry! Wow! Those of you who have seen this ad before should not hesitate any longer...

So, continued CONGRATULATIONS to all our New AFFILIATES joining every day! Your vision is making it happen in REAL TIME with NO selling! We are turning the lopsided over-priced retail Travel Industry Rightside-Up - with our UNPRECEDENTED HappiTravel® Wholesale Platform & Consumer Website! And WE WANT YOU to join us... Grab Your Ground-Breaking Spot today - AND RECEIVE AN AFFILIATE ENROLLMENT BONUS VACATION !!!

****************************THE GIG OPPORTUNITY********************************

ATTENTION!!! Travel Gig® IS THE Marketing Arm for HappiTravel®... GIG SEEKERS, Side Hustlers, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners... and Yes, even Travel Agents! We're in a Wave of unprecedented MOMENTUM... JOIN US!

Hey, Summer is calling Vacation Travelers... so it's time to secure YOUR NEW GIG!!! And Travel Gig® is just getting better by the day... BOOMING with WHOLESALE Business!!! YUP, we're Smokin' the retailers!!! And Yes, It's ALWAYS travel time... but Summer Travelers take advantage of huge savings with US!!! So, NOW is the time to experience Our incredible Gig Invitation that continues to feed the Excitement within this Company... and expanding Our HappiTravel® Wholesale Brand awareness to travelers! WE say "NEVER PAY RETAIL AGAIN"... and CONSUMERS AGREE!!! They WANT OUR PRODUCT!!! So, Come Aboard... JOIN US Today!!!

TravelGig® is an Energetic, Enthusiastic, and FUN BUSINESS... in the MASSIVE $10+Trillion Dollar Travel Industry!!! No Experience Necessary! Earn as you Learn! Earn BONUS Travel Vacations!

Get Paid WEEKLY for direct referrals! Get Paid MONTHLY in Residual Income from Overall Company Sales Revenue FOREVER, when your Position is Locked-In!!! NO SELLING... NO MLM... NO recruiting... NO Monthly Fees or Quotas... OUR Travel Customers will SIMPLY PAY WAY LESS for what they already want to do... travel! No-Brainer!

How? TravelGig® is a Business in the Palm of Your Hand! YOU get paid to simply REFER our incredible HappiTravel® Product AND TravelGig® Business Opportunity through our Exclusive Proprietary APP... NOT BY SELLING IT!
The Wholesale Membership Value sells itself!!! The Business Opportunity sells itself!!! CUSTOMERS simply purchase their $99 Annual Membership on their own! You, as the referring Affiliate make the commission! No paperwork... no fuss!

Imagine having an AI ASSISTANT to contact/call/market your referrals! WE HAVE IT... an Industry FIRST! Check this out... CLICK HERE for the Promo!

WE'RE GROWING FAST and actually CHANGING LIVES with our business model! NO OTHER Gig business PAYS its workers REFERRAL INCOME! Hmmmm... When's the last time a gig like Uber paid you for referring their service?!!! So many people have made this choice... take advantage now!

This GIG APP Business Opportunity is still in its OPPORTUNE Ground-Floor Phase, and JUST EXPANDING to many Spanish-speaking Countries! It is OPEN to Everyone, but offered BY INVITATION ONLY! FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW and Click on the invitation link to ENROLL for FREE... English or Spanish! The general public CANNOT join outside of this LINK!

Once you are enrolled, YOU WILL BE TEXTED IMMEDIATELY by The Travel Gig® Team for follow-up...

OPPORTUNITY OVERVIEW - Want more details before enrolling? See why Hundreds of Affiliates are joining every week! Watch the Company Affiliate Presentation VIDEO here for Exciting Details! You will see both Product AND Business Details here...

https://travelgig.app/library/NzA3MDQ5NzI4fFRyYXZlbCBHaWcgQWZmaWxpYXRlIFByZXNlbnRhdGlvbnwxNjY0NA (Note: Approx. 28 minutes long)

**********************TravelGig® ENROLLMENT INSTRUCTIONS***********************

INSTRUCTIONS for Qualified Enrollment... (You MUST follow these steps to process enrollment):

1) Click on the "ENROLL HERE" link at the bottom of this ad for your FREE INVITATION ACCESS to Travel Gig®

2) Watch the short (2-1/2 minutes) Gig Business Presentation VIDEO above the Enrollment Form.

3) Fill out the Affiliate Enrollment Form and submit.

4) *****LOCK-YOUR-SPOT***** IMMEDIATELY, or by the close of THIS week's Powerline Compression Cycle (every Friday - midnight Mountain Time) TO JUMP-START YOUR BUSINESS! You'll receive the Affiliate SIGNING BONUS - A 7-NIGHT COMPLIMENTARY VACATION valued at $1,294.00! This is a One-Time Signing Bonus Offer for EARLY LOCKED-SPOT/POSITIONED applicants.,, we are a travel company after all! Those that lock their spot AFTER the current Powerline cycle ends, are simply positioned normally within the Powerline time-stamp, without the Vacation Bonus. So. the earlier the better! Please refer to the "Important Note" at the bottom of this ad.

5) DOWNLOAD the Free APP to continue...

6) Click the "GETTING STARTED" bar on the App and WATCH the full " 1) WATCH VIDEO ".

7) Kindly REPLY to YOUR Follow-Up WELCOME TEXT, to confirm receipt.

8) FINAL STEP: We recommend you CALL to further orient your position - You are now a BUSINESS AFFILIATE.
We take Our Business Seriously, and we want your enthusiastic participation and ADVANCEMENT.
So, Say Hello! Ask Questions! Get Busy! I'm Your Partner... Let me lead you!!!

*****************************BONUS! HappiTravel®! BONUS!***************************

You're going to want the benefits of Wholesale Travel too! Don't forget to ACTIVATE Your Own PERSONAL/AFFILIATE HappiTravel® VIP Account for the LOW $99 Membership Cost! YOUR OWN MEMBERSHIP will count toward your Personal Customer Total to leverage your residual company earnings! Amazing BONUS! Just another incredible feature of the TravelGig® App!

*****ADDITIONAL Locked-Spot BONUS!***** Get YOUR $99 HappiTravel® Membership FOR FREE when you LOCK YOUR SPOT! As a reward for Your Committed Investment In YOURSELF... I will purchase your membership for you after your locked position is confirmed & activated! Simply respond to Your Welcome Text for arrangements!

Remember, the HappiTravel® Membership is independent of the TravelGig® Business - so it's available to everyone by the Invitations you will be providing to travelers! SO, you may purchase yours BEFORE or AFTER your TravelGig® Affiliate Enrollment! (IMPORTANT: For company reference, please use the SAME E-MAIL ADDRESS for both HappiTravel® and TravelGig® Enrollment)

BY INVITATION ONLY!!! Get Your HappiTravel® Membership INVITATION HERE!
English: https://travelgig.app/16644/access/happitrips
Espanol: https://travelgig.app/16644/access/happitrips/es

***************************ABOUT TravelGig® & HappiTravel®***************************




LISTEN To Our NEW HappiTravel® PODCAST! Experience and Nurture the benefits of HappiScience!

******************************TravelGig® ENROLL HERE**********************************

ENROLL HERE for TravelGig® with Your Personal Invitation... ENGLISH or ESPANOL! If link is not highlighted, copy and paste into your browser...

***ENGLISH INVITATION: https://travelgig.app/16644/access/travelgig

***ESPANOL INVITACION: https://travelgig.app/16644/access/travelgig/es

Jack - Travel Gig® Team
TeamVIP Leadership
Founding Affiliate
732-207-6943 (Please do not call until after you've enrolled!)

IMPORTANT NOTE: You Enroll as a "FREE Affiliate", to enable and qualify YOUR interest in this business. The Lock-Your-Spot Step is TIME-STAMPED and ACTIVATES "Qualified Business Affiliates", enabling you to get paid through the system. It secures your Time-Stamped Business Position FOREVER in the "Powerline", to leverage your optimal future residual earnings. It also activates the BONUS ENROLLMENT VACATION when activated during the current Powerline weekly cycle. There is a nominal Administrative Fee when you decide to Lock-Your-Spot (This can also be "earned" through "G-Money" credits. Please refer to the Affiliate Videos). We encourage this step ASAP, as Spots are compressed and locked-in weekly, every Friday night. Click the Powerline on the App at any time to see Affiliates joining and positioning in real-time, in each weekly compression cycle! Then... take a deep breath... knowing you're secured while Learning and Earning! Great decision... HappiGig'ing!

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