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Are you in need of 3D modeling or CAD work?

We are a 2 man team who, (between the 2 of us), are skilled in: Solidworks, Inventor, Rhino, Fusion 360, AutoCAD, Sketchup, Blender, Maya & more!

Rush services available: 24-48 hour turn around

We can help you with all of your CAD needs including:

3D printing
*Our product files are compatible with UPS 3D Printing services at a fraction of the cost!!

Prototyping / Prototypes
Renderings / Rendering
Patent Drawings
Manufacturing Style Documents
Shop Drawings
Custom Auto Parts
Construction Concepts
2D and 3D CAD.
As Builds
Microsoft Layout
3D Content Creation
Graphic Design

In addition to the CAD, I am an Industrial Designer and Animator. I can help with the design side of things as well animations, simulations, and demos.

If you want help creating your idea in 3D, please give my team a call or respond to this ad.

Thank you,

Joe and Ray
319. 470. 6121
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