maak plasing gnstling Professional Cinematographer / DP- C300 Mk ii - $600/day (Los Angeles) verskuil hierdie plasing maak sigbaar

- Cinematographer for Hire -

CRAIGSLIST SPECIAL - Normally $1000/day

Full-service Package

I've shot hundreds of various projects from webseries, to commercials, to short films, to music videos... working with artists ranging from Train to Demi Lavato and brands ranging from Maxim to Bosch.

I'm from Iowa, so I know what it means to work hard to produce quality work with little money. Let me help you create a production that you are proud of!

Pricing starts at $600/full day (12hr)
Which includes:
- Me ☺
- NEW CANON C300 MARK II - 4K or Sony a7sii 4K
- Base lighting package including: Litemat 4 s2 + Apurture 300d + Aputure ls + 2- 1Ks + Grip
-1/2 Grip/Lighting Package + Wireless Video + Director Monitor

Check my website for full gear list.

To add: DJI Ronin Stabilzer - $100/full day, $50/hal

- Half day rate of $250 for shoots under 2 hours

Please check out my work and full equipment list on my website:

www. gabekimpson .com


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