favoriser opslag ONLY $60.00 (Normally $300) Professional Headshots (see examples) - $60 (LA Area) skjul dette indlæg vis

This TEMPORARY OFFER is 1/4 the price of what I normally charge for this exact same photoshoot.
DO NOT LET THIS (REDUCED) RATE (ONLY $60) FOOL YOU. We will get you amazing shots.

* CALL/TEXT/EMAIL me ASAP because I am only planning on doing one actor, actress, professional, or model a day
* I am expecting the day slots I have free to fill up within the next few hours of posting this.
* Bring a friend and I will shoot both of you for only $75 TOTAL!

ONLY $60 - HEADSHOTS -- MULTI-LOOKS (unlimited time and photos taken. . .until we get exactly what you are happy with).

My name is Anthony Evergreen and I have been doing photography/headshot work in LA and NYC for over a decade. Check out my examples/website and drop me a line. I will be shooting you with a CANON 5D mark ii -with a 28-135mm lens.

*You will receive the photos immediately after the shoot.

Thank you for your time.

BOOK TODAY - ANTHONY - vis kontaktopl.

INSTAGRAM - @AnthonyEvergreen

CAMERA: Canon 5D Mark ii
LENSES: Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM AutoFocus Lens, Multi-Coated
UV Filter, Zeikos Wide Angle Lens, 2.2 Telephoto Lens
OTHER EQUIPMENT: Professional Digital Flash and Tripod

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