Hello, my name is Kay and I am a single mother, 33 years old.

I have a 5 and a 10 year old son. We currently reside in Los Angeles, I live in a 2 bedroom apt, I am barely making my rent $1800. BARELY. I am working on a $21/hour salary and I have a car note ($446) and car insurance ($211) and other bills as we all do. ugh, but I desperately need help!

I really want to move out of my apt. (for reasons I care not to explain here, but I am more than happy to explain why I am not looking to roommate in my 2 bedroom where I currently reside now) I was looking out in Palmdale/Lancaster area., idk. But Los Angeles area IS ideal, if I can find someone to roommate with.

Anyways, I am looking for a RESPONSIBLE single mother that would like to roommate with me and my children.
I am a very independent woman. I work as a secretary for a law firm, Mon-Fri 7am - 6pm I am gone out of the house.
I am looking for someone to match that energy, have something to do whether its working, schooling, or even if you are stay at home mom, you MUST be productive if you choose to roommate with me. I cant take low vibrational/motivation around me and my kids. We are a happy very caring and inviting bunch. To know us is to love us. Oh, I forgot to mention, your credit..... my score is pretty low about 567, somewhere in that range. Also, part of the reason I am having trouble renting a unit in my name by myself. smh. but anyways, if you have past evictions, past rental history problems please don't contact me, I AM NOT LOOKING TO RENT OUT SPACE IN MY 2 BEDROOM APT. I AM LOOKING TO MOVE OUT OF THIS 2 BEDROOM UNIT INTO A NEW UNIT WITH A ROOMMATE. We will be spending money on credit applications, actively looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom apt. to move into together. So please only contact me if your serious. I know I am not the only single mother out there willing to shackle up for 6 months to a year together with another mom and her kid(s).

E-Mails only, I am SUPER responsive via email, but I am at work most of the time so give me a minute, I will reply.

If I like you, then after emailing back and forth will I provide my phone number and we can go from there....

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