carry disabled person 5/22/24 at 7am (Lynwood)

compensation: twenty dollars
our landlord wants to relocate us for renovations by temporarily moving out of our down stairs apartment to an upstairs apartment. its the same apartment complex. my dad is disabled he stays in his hospital bed. however that day the company of his bed is going to assemble his bed upstairs. all i need is someone who can carry my dad out of our apartment and bring him upstairs to the upstairs apartment. i need this done Wednesday morning 7am. mom and i dont have the strength to lift him she has a hernia. the objective of this post is not necessarily an hourly job its just get my dad from the downstairs apartment and into the upstairs apartment. i would not exactly call it an easy 20 dollars as im sure its not easy carrying another human being up some stairs. please contact me as soon as possible so that i can let my mom know that for sure can confirm that we have someone who can get my dad upstairs so that the company can deal with his hospital bed . make sure to provide an email address and a photo so i can show mom as she tends to be paranoid about creating an advertisement to have a stranger help us. the task of getting dad someone to get him upstairs is a necessity . this way i can show mom your photo and tell her "see mom this is who will carry dad so not everyone people meet online is a killer like the television news things you seen wherever". we live near plaza mexico in lynwood

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