Work less than 10 minutes a day & No boss answer to!

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compensation: 25-35% commission make as much as $3000+
If you are tired of working on 9 to 5 job that is not getting you any closer to your dreams. but instead, pulling you away from your friends, family relationship, and the life you deserve to have. And now this is not like one of those videos you see on YouTube promised to show you a quick workaround system with some major shipping company you know which one I’m talking about. This is a legitimate offer as a business owner. I realized how much money I was spending for marketing to all kinds of giant companies that was worth millions of dollars and then it occurred to me the same marketing that I’m paying thousands of dollars for I can simply go directly to the source to consumer, have them invest less than 10 minutes a day and give them an extremely generous portion of the earnings that come from their efforts and again keep in mind your efforts is less than 10 minutes a day and no you do not need any fancy computer skills or knowledge or watch any videos or read any books, as I will simply step you through it personally over the phone or video call and I’ll repeat it again. There is no charge. There is no investment on your end whatsoever besides a little bit of your time and you can even increase what you earn with me if you happen to have what a lot of people a side hustle job or gig for example, if you are one of the many people who work for one of those apps doesn’t matter which that other have you delivering items or ride sharing you can use that to your advantage to increase revenue that is generated from traffic that comes to me once again without you investing more than 10 minutes of your time you won’t have to give anybody a sales pitch or even bring it up in conversation to anybody for example, whether you are a delivery person or rideshare person, you are already on the road, so by using your main tool, which is your vehicle and simply attaching some signage to each side of your vehicle, which is removable and extremely inexpensive if you know where to go and of of course, during the salon, I know exactly where to direct you and the icing on the cake once I see that you are actually bringing in traffic. I will even reimbursed you for the investment that you have put into your signage for the outside of your vehicle and you can even have signage on the inside for those of you who do rideshare that simply hang down from the back of the head rest of the chair, and you do not have to worry about coming up with sales pictures or designs. I will provide all of that for you. That’s an example for those of you who do right now for those of you who do rideshare and deliveries when you drop off all you need to do is simply leave a door tag on the handle and no matter which company you are working for whether it be delivery or rides hare, this does not go against any of the rules nor should it be their business what is on or in your vehicle or if you decide to leave a door tag cause remember, I am not asking you to approach anybody with a sales pitch you leave the signage job for you and if you happen to come up with any ideas of your own, I’m always open to new ideas but here’s where it gets better if at the end of 30 days you are not generating between $2000 – $6000. You just simply walk away. It didn’t cost you anything as I told you earlier as long as I see that there is traffic coming from your efforts, you will be reimbursed for your signage and the first batch of door tags. You order any future door tags that you may need once I see that you are actually doing the job I will cover the cost and send them directly to you because by doing so sending yours and everybody else’s in one large order, even though they’re going to separate addresses, the company will send them directly to me first and like anything in life the larger order the bigger the discount and I will just simply ask you how many you would like each month and I will place the order for you and when it comes pay time, I will deduct it from your check so you won’t even have to worry about ordering your own tags and spending a lot of money not that they’re expensive to begin with. It’s just that they’re a lot cheaper when you are buying thousands of them and as long as they’re coming to one address, they will give me a significant discount which I will pass along to you guys and me there’s no close doors just like I will present you with the deduction from your check at the end of end of every month. I will also show you the invoice from the company that came from so you can see how much they have cost not because of the money that she will be generating, so you literally have nothing at all to lose you will be putting in effort with nothing to learn or research or invest in now for the percentage of what you’ll be earning on average my clients spend with me between $300-$900 for sale and you will be earning 25% of that sale and any future sales from that client as they are from your efforts so that client will remain yours as long as they continue to be mine most affiliate programs or offers like this well I do require financial investments or hours of research and studying and then after you have generated the company, a great deal of customers you either only generate revenue one time from that customer or up to 30 days and after that, you no longer earned, I never understood that concept any part of it so I am looking for a large crew of people from all over the United States and as long as you’re 18 and over you more than welcome to call me and a position will be waiting for you. I am currently working on a new project that will be up and running very shortly so I need to have my people in place and ready to go, as I have invested a lot of time, energy and money in this new multifaceted website, which will generate not only me but all of us a great deal of income as far as payments go you have several options and how you can get paid direct deposit, snail mail my personal recommendation cryptocurrency and if you do not know anything about cryptocurrency I will be more than happy to teach you on how to trade invest and take the money you earn and generate a great deal more from it. I am making the right moves. I currently have all of my bills paid rent Yatil my vehicle health insurance everything all from the interest from cryptocurrency that I purchased back in October of last year I invested A lousy $650 which in less than two months turned into close to $35,000 but that is not the best part that money is locked safe away for the next four years untouchable like a CD or IRA in the meantime, I am earning over 100% and APR or interest on that money and I can either cash it out daily or at the end of every month the choice is mine but either way for the next four years I will be entitled to 100% APR on the 19 million coins that I purchased it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t get paid APR on the dollar amount budget get paid APR on the number of coins you have which is exactly what one wants because the coins will always go up and down and the more points you have even if it goes down you’re still making tons of money if you know when and what to buy and not only do, I have a natural town for somehow, but due to the line of work that I’m in, I am connected to people and all types of careers, including the financial arena, so I am always ahead of the game when it comes to investments and you could be true if you choose this option, some of you may choose to have your funs sent to you via cash app or PayPal. I highly do not recommend PayPal however cash app I have had no bad experiences so as you could see you have many options, and everything that I have promised and wrote here when and if you decide to work for me, you will be getting a written contract that will guarantee you that if you are not happy at the end of the days, you will be reimbursed for the pennies that you have spent on any marketing materials such as your signs which you will only need to one for the passenger side for the driver side and the third one is extremely inexpensive as it’s made from paper and just is a glorified hang tag and of course I recommend starting with a small batch of door tags no more than under 500 with these tools it will be enough to prove to you what is possible, not dimension the money you will generate from Google by simply using your address to place a global local ad for my website which eliminates the cost of paper, click marketing for me, which I pass along to you guys and even though Google requires your address to verify by sending a postcard, it gives a option on whether or not you want the address to appear in the ad or not depending on the type of business or service that is offered at the location and the type of business that I am running is all done via phone so therefore there is no reason for your address or any of your information to show up in the local ad it will simply be my display ads that I will furnish and wings to my website and social media accounts and you won’t even have to set all that up. I will set all that up for you. You will just need to provide me with your address which you obviously have to do, the job anyways so now that you’re wasting time and call today for a real opportunity unlike all those videos you see on social media and damn just giving you the runaround and mentioning over and over again that you’ll be rich but first you need to watch this video and you don’t realize every time you watch that video they actually generate anywhere between five dollars to $10 to paper click and lead generating programs and I could have gone that way and made it a lot simpler for me but I like to be honest and a punch. I just put my clients but anybody in my life when it comes to employees think of them as employees but extended family anyhow, the best time to reach me is 11 AM – 8 PM central time seven days a week

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read this extremely long ad, but I just wanted to make everything extremely clear and transparent as possible like I said I really don’t type those videos on social media so I am happy to answer any questions you may have left out simply give me a call at your convenience


(The pictures I’ve included is just to give you an idea of what we are working on as far as what the door tags might look like and what the website will be stacked up like it’ll be much more grand as the website will feature over 10 different types of businesses including investing infrastructure, and then on top of that will be mixed in some of the top affiliate programs out so there will be something for everyone whoever you bring and whatever part intrigues them you will gain between 25 and 35% every time they make a purchase or an investment we took the top trending businesses that make the most financially but also build the loyalist following to ensure people continue to come back with your help and was your help this is one recipe that will not fail, and we will all succeed beyond our expectations. I spent five years, researching every nook and cranny of the businesses that will be implemented in this website every view every click every purchase will generate each and every one of us income )

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