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You or your business has just been sued. You're holding the papers. You aren't sure what your next step should be.

Lawsuits can be frightening. What do you do next? Who do you talk to, and what do you say?

So if you are ever sued, here's what you should remember.

Don't panic. Lawsuits are slow. If you've just been served papers, you have time to consider a course of action and respond prior to the deadline. And just because you have been sued does not mean that you will lose. But don't ignore the summons.

Hire a lawyer. Make some phone calls. Make sure you talk to the lawyer, not the lawyer's assistant. Describe the case. Assess the lawyer's competence. Be way of guarantees or promises -- there are few sure things in the law. In many cases, your decision to hire a lawyer, and who you hire, are the most important decisions you will make.

At Kirschner Law, we're focused on getting good outcomes for our clients. Kirschner Law, PC represents clients involved in litigation involving a wide variety of disputes. Our California commercial litigation attorneys have represented companies and individuals in lawsuits involving contract disputes, employment disputes, fraud, defamation, copyright infringement, trade secret thefts, and other controversies. We can help you determine the appropriate action to take to remedy your legal situation.

We provide skilled and experienced litigation services for individuals in businesses sued in civil court, including:

Debt lawsuits;
Contract disputes involving timing, promise, and quality/performance;
Trade secrets, including company processes, company information, and product formulas;
Employment disputes;
Copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property.

Regardless of the nature of your dispute, having experienced litigators working for you is your best chance for a favorable result.

We are are committed to providing a superior level of client service. We thoroughly investigate the facts of your case, evaluate all the evidence, and then give you an honest assessment of your case and our opinion on how to proceed. Whether your case is resolved in negotiation or you choose to proceed to litigation and trial, we will persuasively present your case and vigorously protect your interests.

Contact Kirschner Law at (213) 935-0250 or email info [at] kirschner-law.com for a free phone or Zoom consultation.

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