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How this former shy guy get girls to approach him.
Shyness is just not limited to children hiding behind their Mother or Father's leg when you say hello to them on the street, No it can still be a frustrating paralysis for people from 1 to 91.
I experienced shyness, fear of women and lack of courage in talking to girls, call it what you want, until I was 14 years old, my 1st girlfriend who asked me out when I was 10 dumped me because I was too scared and blocked to talk to her, man that was a punch in the stomach I felt weak, pathetic half a man and felt like I would be on my own and incomplete for ever. This this frustrating psychological paralysis, was a literal hell for me.

Well, I became a DJ at 17 and had lots of girls approaching me and felt amazing then one Day this amazing woman approached me when I was doing a gig. She was 24, a nurse and dropped dead gorgeous. I knew she wanted me to kiss her, but out over nowhere my shyness came back and I froze and she walked away...man that hurt. I went home that night and was determined for this to never happen again.

2 Weeks later I met one of the great ones, they only come along every 10 years or so, and I was not going to miss this opportunity. I walked over to her and in a couple of hours we were back at her placer making out and I went on to date this awesome woman, for 3 and a half years! She also told me that it was my confidence that attracted me to her and that she could not resist it, She also told me that she had given plenty of men the "signal" to come over to talk to her when she was single, but they were too "scared" yes women can sense and smell fear, and it turns them off.

The next day I realised what I did to eliminate my shyness. With this woman completely and how I had triggered my cave man masculinity, that destroys fear and lack of confidence. Gentlemen everyman has this inside them.
I never looked back from that point and learned a lot about women and was able to educate and teach my friends. On what women respond to. But, what I was learning, was from studying me and nobody else. I was doing all the right things without even realizing it.

A major realization that women want to chase men came when I was 21. My friend Sean called me up and said, "Claire wants you to take her out" I said "who?", Sean replied, "what do you mean who!" I really did not know who this woman was. He then went on to tell me who she was, and I remembered she was this really hot, cool and intelligent woman that I had spoken to a couple of times in our local pub. Sean said "how do you do it man" I said" what's her number"

I then went back and sat on my couch and thought to myself, how did I do it. And then bam it hit me women want to chase men. I connected the dots on what I had been doing naturally! At this stage in my life I had just gotten out of a long term relationship with a super-hot woman, who I dated effortlessly, and after that relationship ended I found that women approached me with very little effort on my part. I had realised what I had been doing to get women to approach me and also eliminated my shyness and fear of women for good!

I called Claire up and she was super excited that I called. She did all the talking on the phone. At the end of the call, I arranged to pick her up and take her out. The date went like a breeze she was very talkative, touching me and showing a very high level of attraction. I was thinking this is so easy! We went back to her house and made out that night

Women want to chase you, so if you are a shy guy or scared of rejection I have the answer on how to trigger a woman to approach you and not to feel shyness when she dose.
I cracked the code, on mind set, body language and how to trigger desire in you and in the woman, which obliterates shyness like dynamite, at its core, if done correctly. And makes you magnetic to women. No more being trapped in a shell of fear, you can break free and be the man a woman wants and needs you to be. That, deep down, you know you truly are designed to be.

It cannot be that easy, I hear you saying as most of my shy students say. Yes it is. I can count on one hand the amount of women I have had to ask out. Women simply approach me and ask me out. Or put themselves so firmly in my orbit, al I have to do is open the door.

I simply discovered the right internal mind set to have, which triggers everything else in a woman. No more cheesy pickup lines, summoning up the courage to talk to a woman, thinking if you approach or talk to a girl she will think you are a creep, lying awake at night frustrated on your lack of courage and fear of being alone and incomplete and so on. Having all other areas of your life seemingly complete, just this one vital and important component, if you just "can not get the girl".

Women want and feel comfortable chasing you period. Once you realise this and applying it you will have the knowledge that only 5% or less of the worlds men have.

Once you realise what a woman respond to in my system, then it is literally like shooting fish in a barrel.
Most of my shy students or guys who simply do not have a clue about women follow a similar path when they get rejected, they;

Watch more porn
Pay for sex
Drink more
Try and get a girlfriend digitally via tinder..ect with no success
Watch other men who are successful with women, getting the happiness that they want.

All the above do not get them their desired results and lead to shame and them digging a deeper hole, than they were already in
If you have had enough of constantly failing with women and wish for once to be the other guy, who gets the girl, then I can help.

There really are 2 types of people, those who take action and those that do not.
When somebody realises that they have a problem in their dating life or anything else, they either try and fumble through making the same mistakes all over again, in the vain hope, that somehow things will change miraculously by chance, and that they get the desired results with women, that they have always been looking for. Well, we know that is not going to happen. That would be like hitting glass with a heavy hammer hoping it would never break. You could try that a million times, it will always break.

Let me tell you again, I was painfully shy, I felt worthless and un- lovable, I looked at girls that I liked and then looked away scared to death of blushing or making a fool of my self. I used to see girls I liked on buses, trains, at parties at friend's houses and wanted so much to go up and talk to them, but I was trapped by fear, shyness, lack of confidence, what ever you want to call it. I would go home frustrated and bathed in self hatred that I was such a coward. I was miserable, other parts of my life were coming together, I just could not talk to girls.

The real turning point for me when I was at school, when I was 14 I got a note from my crush, who basically called me a coward for not coming up to talk to her,. She told me in the note that she had done everything to get my attention and wanted me to come over to talk to her on multiple times. And I was too weak, and this lost her attraction for me and turned her off. That note changed my life from that point, it was literally the catalyst to go to, and become the super confident and fearless man I am today. Who attracts women very easily, with little effort, women approach me, I learnt this and can teach this to you, only if you have had enough of failing with women... well have you??

As of writing this article, this is my dilemma...and it is not a dilemma, as you will see. I have to 2, super hot women, both 10's both in looks and intellectually, that are very attracted to me. The 1st is 21 years old a brunette great body and super intelligent, she flirts with me and gives me all the open body language that tells me she wants more ( and yes I teach you this) she dress's impeccably has style and panache the 2nd is 23, and like #1, a total babe, blonde and blue eyed and sexy as hell, when she enters the room everyone notices her, and she is the epitome of femininity she gives me amassing eye contact and smiles at me in a way that melts me and also signals to me that she is open for me to ask her out...this gentleman is my dilemma at 49 years old, having to choose which one of these hotties, to take out, The women have already chosen me...remember that point, let it sink in, please. What a wretched life I live ;-) and yes, this really is my "problem" I am not kidding you...would you like this to be your problem, yeah that is a no brainer!!

So, If you really want to change and learn, exactly what a woman wants and desires in a man and you truly want to experience the elimination of fear of women and start living with confidence, that having a true understanding of what really attracts a woman to a man gives you, then;
I am offering a free 45 minute strategy session which you can book right here


I can only work with a limited number of clients, so timing is of the essence. So please take action right NOW and learn how to get that girl.

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