HARVARD MATH GRAD - ONLINE TUTOR - Alg/Geom/Trig/Calc/Writing/SAT/ACT (online)

HARVARD MATH GRAD - ONLINE TUTOR - Alg/Geom/Trig/Calc/Writing/SAT/ACT 1 thumbnailHARVARD MATH GRAD - ONLINE TUTOR - Alg/Geom/Trig/Calc/Writing/SAT/ACT 2 thumbnailHARVARD MATH GRAD - ONLINE TUTOR - Alg/Geom/Trig/Calc/Writing/SAT/ACT 3 thumbnailHARVARD MATH GRAD - ONLINE TUTOR - Alg/Geom/Trig/Calc/Writing/SAT/ACT 4 thumbnailHARVARD MATH GRAD - ONLINE TUTOR - Alg/Geom/Trig/Calc/Writing/SAT/ACT 5 thumbnailHARVARD MATH GRAD - ONLINE TUTOR - Alg/Geom/Trig/Calc/Writing/SAT/ACT 6 thumbnail
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Hi! I'm Mike. I'm an online tutor who specializes in math, test prep and writing.

Subjects I would love to help you with:

Middle School Math
Algebra I
Algebra II
College Math
Writing, including college essays
SAT/ACT prep (other test prep on a case-by-case basis)

I have been in math education for almost 20 years. I hold a BA in mathematics from Harvard University, and an MAT in mathematics education from Boston University. I have been a high school math teacher in multiple settings (5 years), an adjunct math professor (3 years), and a math tutor for multiple tutoring companies (10 years).

I believe firmly that every student can improve their skills and confidence in math with the right guidance. Whether you think you are a “math person” or not, I can help you. I will work with you to identify specific difficulties and improve understanding of the math you are studying, so that you can solve the problems you need to solve, understand the processes involved, improve your grades, and meet any other goals you have in your math studies.

I tutor every math subject up through Calculus and College Math. I am also an experienced writing tutor, including college essay writing. In addition I am an accomplished SAT and ACT test prep tutor. I have helped many students prepare for college via essay coaching and raising their SAT/ACT scores.


“Our family has had Mike as our daughter’s math tutor for Algebra II for about a year. I can’t say enough great things about working with Mike. Mike is extremely organized and thoughtful in how he teaches material. He has a very calm manner and is extremely easy to work with. Our daughter has a visual spatial math disability plus an executive functioning disability, and Mike has guided her through her math classwork and homework at a rigorous private school easily. I also appreciate that he provides just the right amount of feedback to me. Mike is an outstanding tutor with expert knowledge, and has just been a wonderful tutor for our daughter. We happily plan to work with him next year, as well.”

—Nancy (parent), May 2024

“I chose advanced precalc during my senior year. I was in way over my head and struggled severely. Mike has been a consistently helpful tutor who gave me the assistance i needed to keep up with the fast paced class. He was very open minded and willing to teach me precalc the way my school taught. Mike has been very communicative and respectful throughout the entire time. He is an excellent tutor and a really nice person!”

—Remington (student), May 2024

“I am a freshman in high school and also taking a college class in Algebra. Mr. Mike has brought me a long way in math and has been a really good math tutor. Without him I would be drowning in my work, failing and behind in my studies for math. He is an excellent explainer if you are a visual learner like me. He will explain it in different ways to help you if you still don’t understand and he will even write it out for you to see it visually. Mr. Mike will also help you with your notes if you need some reviewing or if you don’t understand the way your teacher taught it to you. He is patient and also very nice. I would 100% recommend him to anyone who struggles in math or needs that extra help. He would make a huge difference in your grade!! Trust!!!”

—Jayla (student), May 2024

I'm looking forward to working with you next!

Don't hesitate to call or text me at 773-608-9304 any time, or reply to this posting above.
I use Zoom for tutoring (please see the images above).
Rate: $75/hour for all services. Can be pro-rated for sessions longer than an hour.

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