Online Tutoring for Computer Science and Mathematics ($30 per hr)

offered virtually
Do you want help with computer science or mathematics? I am offering tutoring services for $30/hr in these subjects up to the college-level. I have both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in computer science, and I have 6+ years of industry experience as a software engineer. In addition, I tutored other students as an undergrad in college, and have tutored many college and high school students in the past five years as a private tutor.

What types of subjects can I help you with? Here are some examples:

Computer Science

  • Programming languages such as:

    • C/C++

    • Java

    • HTML/CSS/Javascript

    • Android

    • Python

    • Ruby

    • Matlab

    • Rust

    • and many more.

  • Theory of Computation

  • Algorithms (eg. how to utilize branches and loops, how to search and sort)

  • Data Structures (eg lists, trees, hashtables)

  • Software Development Methodologies such as:

    • UML

    • Agile Programming


    • Algebra

    • Geometry

    • Discrete Mathematics/Boolean Logic

    • Precalculus

    • Calculus

    • Linear Algebra (eg. matrix math)

    • and others.

    Whether you just want to do well in your courses, or you would like to learn a topic entirely through tutoring, I can help.

    Arranging Sessions

    What do sessions cost?

    As stated above, I currently charge $30/hr. You can arrange a one-time or recurring session with me.

    When can I arrange a session?

    I have varied availability from noon-9 PM on Tue, Thu, Fri, and Sat. Sessions must be scheduled at least a day in advance and I will ask you information about what you want to learn and what your goals are in learning it (eg. pass a class, learn a programming language, getting a job with your skills, etc.).

    Where can I arrange a session?

    Sessions can be scheduled online or via phone. I can contact you through Skype and/or cell phone. Screen-sharing, video, chat, and filesharing can be done through Skype. I am also open to using other methods of online collaboration. Feel free to contact me for details. You will have the option to pay via credit/debit/or Paypal account.

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