Timely door frames, doors - $99 (Los Angeles)

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condition: new
make / manufacturer: Timely
size / dimensions: 7’x3’x 5”
I have over 20 new timely door frames. Complete with hinges, strikes, and trim.
They are left over from a commercial construction project.
They all have 90 minute fire labels.

They are 4-7/8” inches thick, meaning they are sized to fit onto a normal stud wall that has five eights inch drywall on both sides. They work fine with half-inch drywall, but you would need to use paper drywall shims to thicken the wall just around the door.

Strictly speaking, some are left-handed some are right handed, but the only difference between right and left is the height of the strike plate. (The hinge jams are identical, they can be flipped top to bottom.) So each individual set could be used as right or left if you don’t mind the strike being slightly elevated from knob height, to deadbolt height, in the worst case.

They are 7 feet high, by 3 feet wide. The head jam can easily be cut down to any smaller size, and I have a number of head jams that are much larger, to accommodate double doors. Up to 84 inches wide.
They can also easily be cut to accommodate shorter doors, (smaller openings.)

They are fairly lightweight, yet stronger than the one piece welded frames…Specifically because there are more anchor points. They can actually hold a heavier door, than the heavy gauge welded frames that I have installed. There are also the fastest and easiest to install of any system I’ve ever used.

The white paint is baked on at the factory, very tough. But paintable. The hinges are oversized, 4 1/2 inch, to accommodate the heaviest doors, and last forever. There are three hinges per door.
All the metal is galvanized, to resist rust if used in damp locations or close to the beach.
$99 each, $49 each if you buy them all.
They probably cost over $300 each after you finish paying for hinges, and tax. So don’t call if they are not worth to you what I’m asking.

I also have used fire doors for sale separately. I have probably almost 20 of them. They are solid wood 20 minute fire doors, painted, sized for these frames. $49 ea or $25 each if you buy all of them. I have both right and left doors, in case you want to use them as double doors.

Call or text if you have any questions, I’m not very good at email yet. Because I’m old.


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