Cooper Sound CS 106+1 Mixer LEGENDARY Console - $3,000 (East Hollywood)

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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Cooper Sound
model name / number: CS 106+1
Everything functions as it should. Limiters on each channel. Jensen input/output transformers. These go for $11,600 new (asking $3k flat, price negotiable) Local Pickup in LOS ANGELES, CA preferred but shipping is available upon request (can also deliver within 5-10 mi if necessary). Ungodly headroom on preamps, but likely very tasty if you ever get them to crunch. Film/TV/Foley/Studio (High-end, but still with that vintage 70s-built warmth) audio quality. Unsure of ownership history, but DEFINITELY was used in professional television/film environment, as this was picked up from Burbank/Studio City storage outlet in Los Angeles (interesting tape with writings/labels on it still attached on blank sides), where these are still very much considered industry standard and highly useable/professional (esp. with extended range of talkback/communications options). These were built to last, and it is not uncommon for a 50+ year-old specimen to have NEVER been serviced with ZERO issues ever.

This is many, many a foley/film/tv sound broadcaster's dream piece, and understandably so. Hefty and substantial, yet portable enough to carry with one hand or put in a backpack (though I wouldn't, even with the James Bond-esque magnet clip dust cover/shield), with metal handle adjustable as a mounting ramp to use at an angle with the board lying down, OR can be stood straight up on its bottom to be seen from a few meters away (if you're tracking alone or otherwise). It's your Audio Developments AD/Pico Mixer's older and cooler brother. (AD-149 is the only one that compares and it's at often 3x the price point, though these are similarly priced brand new and share most features).
I don't want to sell it but I like to experiment (looking for Chandler Mini rack mixer, Neve 5060, AD-149, Siemens/Telefunken/Calrec/CADAC (if you're one of the cats selling one of the two latter mentioned minimixers/consoles listed on Reverb, message me, would love to work something out, I've also got an Alice LTD 2008 desk w/ Sowter xformers, diode stereo limiter, tape transport controls, p&g faders etc. unbelievable 8ch desk w longthrows and customizability) and I need a pair of 10dc/10dcf's, 2254s (AML, chandler, igs, etc), a really nice stereo/midside image/eq processor (would give this for a Fat Bustard or similar), a Vox ac50 (tube rectified) head or stack, a hi-end cassette master recorder (Tandberg, Nakamichi, Highest-end Teac, Sony etc.) + duplicator (Otari, etc.), and/or to fill up my empty 500 series chassis (AML, inward connections, chandler, shadow hills, neve, api, bae, etc.) with prices adjusted accordingly. Also always interested in other vintage pro audio offerings in similar hi-end or interesting range, + the occasional vintage tube amp/japanese guitar or fender/gibson (unlikely) guitars. Message before purchase.

Manufacturer's specs:

Product Details

The CS 106 + 1 Professional Audio Mixer has been designed to incorporate a top quality audio path, housed in a rugged and portable chassis, with all the features required by professionals in the film and video sound business. The CS 106 + 1 offers six channels plus an optional seventh channel, or stereo module with M/S decoder. It directly interfaces with all location recorders, including the Nagra 4.2, IVS, studio and RDAT recorders, requiring no outside "black boxes" or custom cables. A comprehensive communications system has been built in providing maximum versatility in the field. With specifications equal to the best studio mixers, the CS 106 + 1 excels in any application.
The CS 106 + 1 provides more headroom and lower distortion then other mixers of this type. Built and serviced in the U.S.A., this extremely versatile and high quality unit will fully satisfy all current and future requirements, including digital recording, without compromise.
The CS 106 + 1 includes as standard features:
Fully modular channels
Individual channels are not hardwired to the chassis and may be switched on location.
Internal batteries
Twelve "D" cells provide many hours of continuous use. The battery tray slides out for convenient battery replacement.
Selco VU or PPM meters
Analog meters are precise and easily read even in sunlight.
Also included:
P & G slide faders, Jensen input and output transformers, engraved panels, gold plated connectors and switch contacts - only quality components are used throughout.
The CS 106 + 1 offers exceptional operator convenience. The pots, many with center detents, have been located for practical operation. The limiters on any channel may be switched out of the circuit. Different microphone powering requirements are selected by switch. Other features are: three discrete monitor outputs with tape returns, talkback, communications and remote roll.

In no rush to sell, but interested in other similar small format hi-end consoles, array of 500 series (no dbx, lindell, or budget brands, interested in neve, chandler, ams, bae, inward connections, api, etc.) or rack units, stereo pairs always preferred. Also in the market for a vintage small-dog tube amp for recording and room-level stuff e.g. vibrolux, princeton etc. Obviously trades will need to be combined w/ money or additional items of interest to make up for any gaps in value.

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