Monster Cable Mseries M1000 MkIII - NOS spool of 200' - Studio Cable - $1500 (Los Feliz)

The full name of this cable is:
Monster Cable - Mseries M1000 MkIII Multiple Network Bandwidth Balanced Cable with Microfiber Isotec Vibration Decoupling MultiTwist Technology by Monster Cable

This is high end cable used for wiring microphones and speakers, but you might already know this if you are looking at this ad.
This is a NEW-OLD-STOCK spool of 200 feet.
This cable is THICK - 3/8" wide. By contrast, my Mogami 2549 is only 1/4."

This spool was acquired circa 1997 when engineer Matt Forger was working with a famous singer and ordered this high-end cable for a long microphone runs where the singer wanted to record vocals in a room far away from the tracking room, to avoid signal loss over the long length. It was also used to wire other microphones and monitors (likely Tannoys). It can be used for wiring mics and speakers simply by using different connectors on the ends.

This spool was an extra, unused spool; 200 feet.
It's not easy to find this cable now; much of it is still operational in studios around the world.
Currently, there is a pair of 3.3 ft RCAs made with this cable on ebay for $86 + shipping.
200' would be 30 times this = $2,550.
Make your own cables and save a lot of money.

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Monster Cable Mseries M1000 MkIII - NOS spool of 200' - their best stuff - $1500
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Sony TC850 tape machine. 1/4" tape, 3 speeds (3 3/4, 7 1/2 and 15 ips), built like a tank and heavy! This machine has 2 different playback heads that function differently, making it very versatile.
The first playback head has been set up for professional mastering with 1/2 track capability; you can record and playback in stereo in one direction, one half of the tape L, the other half R (stereo). (NOTE: These machines allow you to replace this head with one that allows tracking & playback on the full 1/4" in one direction).
The second head on this machine plays back at 1/4 track. This means it can play all the juicy commercial released tapes from the 60's onward, where half the tape was stereo in one direction and the other half stereo in the other direction (there are companies that produce high quality commercial releases on 1/4" reel to reel today as well).
So this is not only a great studio machine but great machine for personal listening as well.
Heads, capstan and pinch roller in excellent condition. Machine hasn't been used in a while and should get a look-at by a service tech. As is, $1,000. After servicing, $1,500.

We also have more mics and more rack gear coming.

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"Hey, it just arrived and it's in fantastic condition. I just got around to trying it out. It sounds perfect. The noise floor in figure 8 and omni are typical of an older mic but the cardoid is dead quiet. I mean you could record silence with this thing. I actually just found another one on the internet so I'm working a bunch to save money so I can have a stereo pair of them. Thanks a bunch for getting it into my hands."
Cohen, purchased Neumann KM88i, 9/5/19

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