SOLO ARTIST PRODUCER AVAILABLE - Alt, Grunge, Funk, Punk, etc (Los Angeles)


If you don't have a band but want to sound like you do, then I can help!

I am a multi-instrumentalist, producer/engineer that has spent many years both creating music and learning audio engineering (2 audio degrees, 5 instruments, pro credits, pro gear etc). I started making music for myself at a young age, until people in school started asking me to produce them as well. Decades later I have a small studio and lots of experience that I can now use to help other solo artists who don't have the means to produce their songs to a final, pro level sounding piece of work.

I specialize in alternative/grunge/funk stuff, personally. But also explore hip hop, metal, punk, doom, bass beats and other electronic influenced sounds. I like to work with people who are a little more open to blending genres or pushing boundaries, which is the best part about being a solo artist (being able to go anywhere you want with your sound, from song to song). Because I have explored so many genres on my own time, I consider myself a rare producer who can cover lots of ground and create unique blends of genres that are just now making it to the mainstream. (because it's not considered pop). I am not a pop producer, but that process of a pop producer can be compared to this process...where you're the artist and the producer makes the music.

If you feel like an artist that could use a producer like me, let's talk more about how I can help.

If you do strictly hip hop, then you better be so good that I'm willing to consider not doing the genres I have listed as my specialty. Because, I listed these genres as way to work in that sound.

If we like each other's links, then a phone call or even an in person visit is always welcome at my studio in DTLA.

Looking forward...

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