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I love my dog more than anything. My current boy (son) Jax and my blessed daughter (RIP) Neva are and have been my only children. Recently I almost died from an infection in my spine. I spent 3 months in hospital and was temporarily a paraplegic. I am now walking (shuffling) I dream of having a yard for my boy as walking him is difficult for me. I will never be able to buy a house in this city. I have a decent job but I don’t and will never have the down payment. Each month I throw away in rent what should be invested in a home for my retirement. I dream of owning a home but have come to terms that I probably won’t ever have the financial means to buy one.
When I thought I was going to die I laid in my hospital bed, unable to move and cried. I have no human children but I do have two wonderful cats and one big goofy Doberman mix. I have no family here. I have no real friends. My parents in Denver would never take my babies. I thought I was dooming them to a shelter and likely euthanasia. This devastated me. It was like my heart was torn out of my chest. The thought of the city taking them away to a cage! The pain they would feel thinking I abandoned them!
Rewind to the year 2001. I was in Reno where I found the love of my life, the best friend I was lucky to have for 14 years. Her name was Neva. She was abandoned by a stream with a bag of gravy train cut open. She was terrified. She bared her teeth and growled at me protecting her food. I saw this poor angel, pit bull and black Labrador. She looked so mean I knew someone would call animal control. It took my all afternoon and two packages of sandwich meat to bribe her to allow me near. I used a scarf as a leash and never looked back. One day me and my boyfriend (still together) were sleeping. He left in the morning to use a pay phone in a shopping center. As I slept Neva decided to find him. She almost made it to the Borders book store he was outside of, but there was a Petco on the way just two stores down. She made a detour. We looked for her for 4 days before we found her. (The petco people didn’t immediately tell us she was there because they were concerned) they thought she was pregnant which made us seem irresponsible. She wasn’t , She just had huge nipples.
While we were looking for her I went to the animal shelter in Reno. I waited in line and there was a woman in her 40s with two young sons in front of me. I estimate the boys to be 8 and 10. She held an animal carrier. I watched this evil woman tell the shelter that her father died. These were his two cats. She did not want them.
Inside I filled with venom and rage. This was her father! These were his friends! She is throwing them away! She is teaching these kids it is ok to throw animals away!
If you are in a situation similar to what I recently went through (and luckily came out of alive though disabled) if you have pets that you don’t think of as pets but friends or children. If you need someone to care for them after your death. Someone who will see them through to their natural end. Someone who loves animals. Make a deal with me. Meet me, meet my pets. I need a home. I will give you peace of mind. Have a lawyer write a contract. I can live there after you pass but will not own anything unless your babies are properly cared for and loved for their whole natural life. I know what it is to fear for them. I know what you’re going through.
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