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Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others, merely because you were born in it".

Patriotism is to politics what faith is to religion: The unquestioned acceptance of information that is either unverified or that may actually be in conflict with factual evidence. Patriotism is the incubator of wars.

Similar to religion, patriotism is an emotion, as opposed to a rational thought process. Studies and surveys have consistently indicated that approximately 90% of persons in any given country have strong patriotic sentiments. This percentage is similar to the percentage of people involved in other faith-based activities, such as religion. This same percentage also reflects the bell-curve of the general intelligence level of a population: 90% of all persons in a Caucasian population group register an IQ below 120. Voting in the political arena is like voting for tomorrow's weather. Your single vote will never make the slightest difference to the outcome of any election, no more than it would affect tomorrow's weather. In national elections, your vote is completely irrelevant because it is one of 100,000,000 votes. A person would have to be a raving megalomaniac to believe that his lone vote matters to the outcome of political elections

Of course, some self-anointed patriots may admonish you by saying: "If everyone would take this attitude, our democratic form of government would collapse". However, the fact remains that most people are not motivated by rational thought processes. Most people are governed by the emotion-driven psychology of crowds. Therefore, most people will continue to vote, regardless of whether you vote, or not.

The concept of voting is a lure to the mind because it provides an illusion of power. Regretfully, it also results in a waste of our limited resources, such as our time and effort. Politicians will always exhort people to vote because "it is the patriotic thing to do". Their power and their income is dependant on the voting process: The more people vote, the more power accrues to the politician. Alas, the same benefits do not accrue to the voter.
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