24 yr old male, seeking private place/room to rent in LA (Los Angeles)

My names Samuel
Turning 24 in June, my lease is ending same month and would like to move to LA from Portland. I don’t expect this listing to have much success but I’m going to try anyway. I will be visiting LA for over a week starting may 21st. If you would like to get together and meet, show the place if I’m a good fit, that is the time I am able to do that.

A little about me:
Im sure you’re curious if I got the money for it.
My situation is that I’ve begun Uber rideshare, and am able to make a more consistent wage now. I used to work for Uber eats/doordash/instacart/gopuff since 2021, during the time when they were booming. Eventually the way pay worked and the order value came down, it was no longer stable. I got by with credit cards for over half a year doing amazon flex and those gigs while saving up for a newer vehicle, my flex gig was my remaining stable gig but did not meet all my needs. I now have a new vehicle and am allowed to rideshare. By back in the picture I am already seeing substantial improvement in my weekly earnings. I did some discussing with Reddit and the internet, understanding Uber will be more consistent and pay more in LA. I have been wanting to move to LA for a couple years and have been looking for an opportunity that’ll give me the option to afford it here and have work available. I also plan to do Amazon flex delivery here

I expect to make atleast 3k+ a month with this position
Ideally your rent would cost around or below $1000

I will be willing to pay 2 months upfront and deposit

I can provide paystubs, pdf tax forms and more data to help best show my situation.

I am wanting to move to LA to network and meet like minded people who are interested in the music scene and clothing fashion industry

I want to dip my feet deeper into the grounds of LA and get the chance to grow with orders and share my art to a wider audience. You can check my instagram profile if you’d like, the link tree provides more as well

If you may have checked, I’m young, like to be fun but also am serious about what I want to pursue. I have been told I am easy going, have a laid back chill attitude, but also funny. I am accepting of most things, but I would like to be mentioned if you know it may be uncomfortable to others.

Text me for more

Thank you if you got to read this :)

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