Charles Forrest Dunlavy Rothschild (Lancaster)

My step dad of twenty years of whom I had come to rely on as a parental figure, caught me at a weak moment, I was unhappy with my marriage, I was also unhappy with the way things are going in this country, I did not see much future here, I was making plans to leave, but my assets were not liquid, he made me an offer, we had a deal but he it turns out was nothing ever but a con man, he stole it all!
Not only that but he also stole my trust from my mother, along with countless other items, some sentimental ones, he even has both my parents ashes, he is quite the thief. Laugh all you like, whatever!

At this point I believe he most likely killed my mother, I was not there in the very end, she did not want me to see her like that, but he called the night she died, said she was having moment of clarity, he thought she would pass that night and she did, I thought nothing of it till he showed his true colors, until a con artist step father of mine stole my home and land I paid cash for and disappeared so I not only can't sue, I can't kill him either.--

So we found a house to call ours, got a mortgage this time and I am okay as long as my husband is alive, I find many days now I am so full of rage I can hardly stand it, I do not know why my husband puts up with me now, I can hardly stand being around myself.

I have tried turning that man in for EVERY possible legitimate thing I can think of (I actually impressed myself with all that I have come up with to try to not only expose his crimes to the right people, but expose him to those that have opinions he would feel are significant) I have been quite busy.

It is disgusting he is even collecting SS off my mother, he lied about EVERYTHING, even who he is for twenty years, he is a narcissist it turns out, he knew what was missing in my life and became it by mirroring me, I was looking for someone who actually understood me as all of us INFP's are, he understood me all too well.

Yes I tried the police as there is a name to his crime, it is Grand Larceny by trick, as well as flat out thief for lots of my possessions and once the clouds lifted and I saw through all the lies, I know there are other victims, I know names, I know offences, the cops are no help. He also has an accomplice, Carlos Daniel Chavez. AKA Carlos Rothschild
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