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Hello! My name is Dennis and I can help you craft an absolutely phenomenal essay that will significantly increase your chances of gaining admission to a top-tier university.

The Best: As a full-time professional admissions essay consultant, I work with students all day, every day, year-round. I bring unparalleled knowledge and expertise to the process - you will not find anyone better qualified to help you create the strongest and most memorable essay possible.

Proven Success: With over a decade of experience, I’ve helped applicants gain admission to the most preeminent colleges and universities in the country, including MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, U Penn, Columbia, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins, UC Berkeley, and NYU.

My Background and Expertise: I graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and I was accepted into the MBA program at Columbia University’s Graduate Business School. I’ve worked with the Office of Admissions at MIT, where I gained keen insights into the admissions process and learned firsthand what admissions officers look for and value in the admissions essay along with the overall application.

Services: I provide strategy, brainstorming, editing, guidance, advice, and inspiration. I can help you take your ideas, your experiences, your background, and your goals and aspirations and create a truly powerful admissions essay.
  • I help high school students with the common app essay and with supplemental essays for undergraduate programs. I have extensive experience with both the common application and the coalition application, as well as with the University of California personal insight questions.

  • I also help college students and professionals with personal statements and statements of purpose for graduate programs: business school, law school, medical school, dental school, nursing school, and PA programs.

My Role: I firmly believe that everyone has a great story inside of them. My job is to help you reveal that story and showcase your accomplishments and achievements to the admissions committee. We want to show them how wonderful, impressive, and talented you really are. I bring to the process my passion, dedication, and a commitment to help you achieve admissions success. Working together, I’m supremely confident that we will get you admitted to the college of your choice.

The Importance of the Essay: Colleges strive to curate world-class communities, and of the thousands of applications they read every year, many tend to blend together. Most applicants have strong backgrounds - excellent grades, solid test scores, impressive extracurriculars - and so the essay has become especially important. Having an impressive essay is absolutely critical in order to stand out from the crowd. It must be unique, and it must be memorable. Simply being very good is not enough.

Writing a Successful Essay The message conveyed in the essay must be clear, persuasive, and riveting. Sentence structure, grammar, and vocabulary must be impeccable. You really have to “wow” the admissions committee. Give them compelling reasons why they should admit you. Don’t just present yourself as a strong candidate, present yourself as an extraordinary one!

Deadlines, Stress, and Anxiety: I thoroughly understand that applying to college is very stressful. I will support you during this time and I will do all that I can to move the process along, lessen the anxiety, and ultimately produce a fabulous and stellar admissions essay. If you have a deadline quickly approaching, I will devote the extra time needed so that we can meet that deadline.

Free Consultation: Ready to take the first step to a spectacular and impactful essay? I provide a free consultation. You can reach me at either admissions.essay.expert@gmail.com or dgv@alum.mit.edu. I invite you to visit my website – CollegeAdmissionsEssayExpert.com – where you'll find more details about my background as well as additional testimonials from past clients who have found my services to be invaluable.

I look forward to helping you create the perfect essay!

Warm regards,

- Dennis

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