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I come from a significant background in media, marketing, branding, PR and publishing. I have sold projects in Hollywood and have been helping serious creatives convert their ideas into books and scripts. I have worked in, on and around a number of Academy Award and Emmy nominated and/or winning projects. Over the years I have done projects with Warner Bros, Paramount, Quinn Martin Productions, Disney, ABC-TV, CBS-TV and 20th Century Fox.

Many of those just starting out face a daunting and expensive learning curve. Our team can help guide wise decisions that will speed that process and maximize opportunities for real success.

Our team has helped nurture authors to the very top of national attention… including top sales rank on Amazon and The New York Times Best Seller List. We have helped get solid script properties into the hands of major Industry decision makers. In addition, we have helped raise development, production, completion, distribution and promotional funding.

I specialize in helping those with book or script ideas formulate success strategies… which includes personal brand development, writing services, marketing, PR, promotion and fundraising. I have worked with most of the major studios and have access to the top tier of decision makers and funding sources in both LA and New York. All of our client relationships begin with an initial evaluation of the project and all supporting materials.

To see more about me, my team and our work in LA and New York, do a cursory Google Search on “Michael David McGuire”. Also see our profile on IMDb- https://imdb.com/name/nm4528542

To discuss your specific project, reply to this Craigs List post to request scheduling our first evaluation meeting.

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