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There are a number of wonderful reasons to do a book.
These include getting your message out to
mass audiences, sharing information that will make
our world a better place, becoming nationally and
internationally famous, raising your career to
new levels, making money by selling loads of copies
of your book, making way more money by
using your book as a marketing tool to upsell
pricier products to your new audiences, and/or
simply enjoying the prestige of being a
published author.

Whatever your motivations, I can help.

I'm a ghostwriter, book proposal expert, and
screenwriter who's aided hundreds of authors,
ranging from total beginners to superstars; and I've
helped several of my clients become multimillionaires.

Two of the books I ghostwrote for first-time
authors became New York Times bestsellers;
a book proposal I meticulously developed
from scratch for a first-time, non-celebrity
author resulted in a $1 million advance;
and the latter, which I went on to ghostwrite
cover to cover, hit #16 on Amazon.com, landed on
the USA Today bestseller list, and to date has sold
over 500,000 copies.

My most frequent clients are professionals who have
tremendously valuable knowledge and insights—
entertainers (movie/TV stars, comedians, singers,
directors, etc.), health experts (doctors, nutritionists,
fitness trainers, etc.), politicians, attorneys, business execs,
technology experts, scientists, spiritual gurus, life coaches,
and more—but lack the experience and time to communicate
them effectively in book form. If you fall into this category,
I'll be superb at extracting your expert information
and stories by casually chatting with you over the
phone, and then "translating" industry jargon and
complex concepts into flowing prose that's fun to read
and easy to absorb.

Beyond ghostwriting, I've done 19 books under my
own name that have sold hundreds of thousands of copies.
These include five books in the popular Dummies
series and a Complete Idiot's Guide, which
demonstrate my ability to explain even complex
concepts in an accessible, entertaining manner
that anyone can understand.

And they further include a nationally bestselling
interview book with legendary fantasy writer Neil Gaiman,
whose The Sandman series was #1 on Netflix. I'd use those
same interview skills to draw out the critical details of your book.

The combined sales of books under my name and
books I've ghostwritten total over 1 million copies.

Plus I've sold humor articles to such diverse national
newspapers and magazines as The New York Times,
American Film, Advertising Age, Spy,
Mad Magazine. My ear for comedy helps me both
ghostwrite and edit with wit and an easy-going style.

In addition, if you want to convert your book into a movie
or TV series, or turn your story directly into a screenplay,
I can do that for you too.

To learn more—including why you'll typically want
to start a nonfiction book with a book proposal—
please visit my website at BookProposal.net.

My rate is $100 an hour, typically working from
upfront renewable retainers of $5,000 (covering 50 hours).
A complete book proposal, including sample chapters,
typically runs 80-110 pages and costs between $10K and $20K
(depending on the details of the book). If the proposal
lands you a contract, you're likely to make that money back
(and in some cases much more) from the publisher's advance.

If you'd enjoy working with a ghostwriter at the
very top of his field, please email me your full name,
email address, phone number, and as short or long
of a description as you'd care to provide of your
book idea or manuscript.

I'd love to hear from you; and, if you hire me,
will work extremely hard to make your book
and/or movie the very best it can be.

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