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Hello. I am curating content for a Kindle e-book I'm putting together. I am specifically looking for your "FAVORITE or BEST money saving tips". You can contribute as few or as many money saving ideas as you'd like.

This is unpaid, but if you have a blog or your own writing projects, your contribution can be credited with your blog/website address or book title, etc.

You can also choose to remain anonymous (just say so in your reply) . You also don't have to be a formal writer or have your own content.

Include with your idea your contact information so if I use your idea I can ask you formal permission and you can have a chance to edit or modify your contribution if you'd like.

Please be receptive to possible changes, so there are not too many topics that sound similar.

If I decide not to use your idea right away, I might add it to another volume etc. I will ALWAYS ask your permission before including it into any project. I may not have the means to communicate with everyone.
Feel free to ask questions or for clarification.

Thank you.
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