Tutoring to help you achieve impossible math SAT results

Achieve the score you need for your reach school. Experienced tutor with Johns Hopkins math degree. Highly adaptive approach will unlock your potential to achieve. Helps many students achieve perfect scores on math SAT, math ACT, and math level 2 subject test. References available from clients who got spectacular results, as well as complete certified feedback on leading national site. Top 10 rated tutor on national site in math SAT at much higher rate.

Online lessons only using advanced whiteboard software, $50/hour.

Recent results:
– Student A improved from 750 to 800 on math SAT after 7 hours of lessons. After tutoring, got perfect score on ¾ of practice tests. Father had said he wanted student to score 800 on the math SAT in a month. I told him I couldn't be sure of perfect score particularly in such a short time, but the goal was achieved!
– Student B improved from 1140 to 1370 on combined SATs and to 35 in math ACT and 33 in English ACT
– Student C was not in honors math but did long term math tutoring got 800 on the math SAT.
– Student D was also not in honors math but did long term math tutoring scored 700 on math SAT and 770 on math level 2 subject test
– Student E improved from 710 to 800 on the math SAT.
– Student F improved from 620 verbal, 680 math to 720 verbal, 800 math, working on all SAT sections.

“He was a fantastic SAT Math tutor. He was able to help me raise my math score by 70 points to 770 in 10 sessions. He has a knack for explaining concepts and problems so that I could remember and understand where I went wrong.”

“He was able to build my son's knowledge and confidence sufficiently to raise his test scores by two grades in Algebra 2/ Trig. He continued to work with him for math SAT prep, with my son improving from 66 on the PSAT to 720 on his first try and 780 the second time. He is especially good with question and answer, give and take exchanges. He is clearly very strong in all aspects of Mathematics and test taking strategies.”

“After working with him for only about 2 1/2 months once a week, my son improved his SAT score by 220 points!”

“he helped my daughter increase her ACT score from 23 to 31. Currently a graduate student at Columbia, she credits he with dramatically improving her test taking strategies”

“We tried an SAT class without success, but I wanted my son to give it a decent chance and enlisted the help of Joe H, who met with him twice a week for about a month. He gave him homework, explained the areas my son struggled with, and broke the whole thing down so the test didn't seem so overwhelming. For the first time ever, I watched my son actually study and do and re-do the work assigned. he said he should see at least a 100 point improvement overall. Well, he was wrong. My son improved by 250 points!”

“He understands ACT Math and Science very well and knows how to prep a student for success in both areas. After only 5 lessons, our daughter's ACT Math score improved by 3 points. ACT Science improved by 6 points. He delivers results!”
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