Tutor, MSEE, UC Berkeley, With Honors:AP Calc &Physics, Stat,. SAT (Long Beach, etc. , Lakewood, Cerritos, $40/hr)

offered in person
My Private Tutoring is available 7 days a week and 12 months a year for your convenience and service for 6th Grade up through College students in Math, SAT, Physics, Chemistry, Newtonian Mechanics,
Statistics, Engineering Statics and Circuit Analysis. Call (714) 305-6505 for 10% Discount Plan ($360 for 10 hours of my excellent Tutoring) ! Enroll in early Aug 2024 for the upcoming Aug 24, 2024 SAT Exam !

On-Line, Remote, Classroom, and also one-on-one in-person, and also in Groups as big as five in-person, full-time in Long Beach, CA, and also nearby areas such as Carson, Lakewood, Artesia, Cerritos, Lawndale, Hawaiian Gardens, Los Alamitos, and Downey. I reside in Long Beach, CA 90805. Call (714) 305-6505 for Tutoring appointment.

Tutoring is available in-person in-your-residence, libraries, and coffee shops are locations for ongoing Private Tutoring Sessions at locations of mutual convenience. I have recent 24 years of excellent Private Tutoring experience in efficient problem solving which I communicate to my Tutees in a step-by-step, tutorial manner to improve their understanding and performance. I also hold degrees from UC Berkeley, College of Engineering, namely, BSEE With Honors and also MSEE . Call (714) 305-6505 for a Tutoring appointment

I Tutor for your Class Homework and Exams (Preps, Live), showing in writing the efficient, step-by-step, and logical path to the correct solution to improve retention and grades, for the following subjects for High School students: (1) Math such as Algebra, Geometry, Trig, Finite, "Accelerated", Pre-Calculus, Calculus, AP Calculus, AP Calculus BC , Statistics, (2) Physics, AP Physics, (3) Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, (4) Preparations for all sections of SAT, ACT. Pictures of my solution sheets are sent directly to your phone; after studying them, you may call me to discuss details if necessary. For in-person Tutoring, my student will retain my Tutor notes and solutions made during the session.

For College Tutees, I similarly offer Class Homework Tutoring and also Exam Preps in Calculus I and II, Differential Equations, Business Calculus, College Algebra, Complex Variable Theory, Trig, Pre-Calculus, Algebra, Introductory Chemistry, Statistics, Statics, Newtonian Mechanics, EE Circuit Analysis, Automatic Feedback Control System Analysis, LaPlace Transform, Z-Transform, and also Preparation for Exams in CBEST, and also GRE, GMAT for entrance into Graduate School. Retain my written Tutor Notes showing step-by-step procedures to prep for Exams ! My Tutoring methodology is the same for College students as it is for High School students.

For Middle School students, I similarly offer Class Homework Tutoring and also Exam Preps for Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, English, and Science. My Tutoring methodology is the same for Middle School as for HS.

My reasonable Private Tutor Rate is $40 per hour with a 1 hour minimum per Session; I prorate for Sessions lasting longer than one hour. Groups of 2 Tutees receive a 33% Discount per student, and Groups of more than two receive a Discount of 50% per student, if they are taking the same course from the same teacher. I also have a popular 10% Discount Plan for a Prepay of $360 for 10 Tutor Hours whenever you like, and it is renewable as many times as you like. I cannot accept any check for more than my Tutor fee; no Refund. On-Line, and Remote Tutoring is also available; please contact me at my cell phone (714) 305-6505 for a discussion of this straightforward procedure. I accept payment by cash or check in person, or else mailed to my U.S. P. O. Box; I don't accept payment from Cash Apps which are all vulnerable to Hackers.

My favorite and most common compliment is "Teacher makes it seem so hard, but you make it seem so easy." ! So my students tend to get stronger grades as the Semester goes on ! I Tutor 12 months a year for your convenience ! Best wishes and Good Luck, James, July 2, 2024. Reach out to me for immediate service at (714) 305-6505.

PS: I recently received great news from a parent of a student I tutored in Geometry and Chemistry some years ago before she entered High School: her daughter has recently "completed her first semester at Chapman University with straight A's. She loves her college and appreciates your tutoring in Geometry and Chemistry." ! Many similar success stories have also been delightfully received! My AP Calculus BC, 11th Grader also did very well last year! My current AP Calculus and AP Physics tutee got "A" in both of her semesters this year, sometimes getting 100% on a class exam !

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