WAG WALKER (Long Beach)

Dogs... they are like family members, they are an important part of your family. Your dog will be in the best of care when walking with me. I don't rush them. If they want to stop and smell the roses they can smell the roses. It's their walk, not mine. I just want them to be happy. I don't have any dogs of my own but I have in the past. I signed up for WAG to be a dog walker not only for the extra money but especially for the dog themselves. I know there are different situations for everyone. It may be that you can't get around as well and it's too hard for you to walk your dog, you might work long or odd hours and it's hard to find the time to walk your dog or you just might be too busy to walk your dog or it might be that you are lazy and that's okay too, yet you all love your dogs. So, that's where I come in to walk vour dog or iust to drop in on them, to reassure them they haven't been forgotten about or maybe your dog might need to take medication at a certain time and you can't be there to do it. What ever the reason I'm here to help. So please book with me and you pet, a.k.a. family member, will be in good hands. Thank you for taking the time to read my intro!

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