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Do you require a professional business plan writer? I have assisted hundreds of clients by providing them with a professionally written business plans. My clients cover most every industry imaginable; in fact I am capable of providing clients with a business plan no matter what the industry.

Every business plan is individually written using no templates or business planning software. Your plan will include all of the subjects that lenders and investors want to see in the plans presented to them

I have personally written more than 250 professional grade business plans, so you can be assured that you will receive a quality business plan. To see what topics our plans include please visit us at

All plans are plans are payable in two payments and are classified as:

Mini-Plan ($300) - This 10 to 15 page business plan includes the essential elements of our standard business plan. It is ideal for those only requiring summarized financials.

Standard Plan ($475) - Our Standard business plan averages 25 to 30 pages, and is the perfect choice for those seeking funding from a bank or other lending institution. Our Standard plans include 3 years of financial statements

SBA Plans ($525) - These plans include the topics covered in our standard plans, plus those additional elements needed to meet all of the requirements of the SBA.

Franchise Plan ($650) - The ideal business plan for those starting a new franchise or purchasing an existing one

Premium Business Plan ($800) - Those working with investors or other non-traditional sources will find our Premium business plan the ideal choice. Premium business plans include 5 years of financial statements.

Strategic Business Plan ($950) - You have identified your goals and objectives, but the best path has not yet been defined. Global Business Planning will provide your company with a strategy that will identify the steps needed to achieve your goals and objectives in the most efficient manner possible.

Immigration Business Plans - Those seeking an EB-5, L-1, or E-2 visa would benefit from our services as we are familiar with the USCIS and more importantly what they require in a business plan.
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