Researcher Wanted for Medical Startup Company - Remote (Los Angeles)

compensation: Pay is $17/hourly OR by information quota - to be negotiated, but most likely $17 hourly.
Medical startup is looking for smart, methodical RESEARCHERS (think researching on Google all day long) interested in working REMOTE approximately 10-20 hours weekly, the hours of which can be done any time, day or night, weekdays or weekends. TO APPLY: please see below. Submit resume and direct contact info.

-It is tedious, boring, repetitive, methodical, detailed work that has to be done without mistakes. You have to do the same type of research on Google and a database over and over and over. The process stays the same, only the information changes. It is brutally boring and repetitive, yet the information is crucial and must be researched correctly and laid out specifically. It will bore you til no end. Your friends and family will not be jealous of your opportunity. This is the type of job for someone who likes to work for long hours on their laptop, from home, coffee shop, whatever, and for someone who can nerd out on pretending to be SHERLOCK HOLMES, only you operate via Google and searches/research, not tracking down crime suspects. The job is BORING. The boredom will drive most crazy. We want nerds (like me!) that love playing internet sleuths at all hours and understand why we need the info and need it to be accurate. We will train you and training is only 30-60 minutes tops.

-Work any time, day or night, weekdays or weekends. 100% flexibility, as long as you get through your list of names/info.
-Do this any where. Home. Coffee shop. Antarctica. Europe. Your designated home office. With coffee. Red wine. Etc. We don't care. Just get through your weekly list of names and ensure that the info you send back is accurate. And have pride.
-We will TRAIN you to be an internet sleuth, a Sherlock Holmes and a Google super nerd.
-You get to work for an amazing medical startup company that is already thriving since our launch in December, 2023. The company is on fire, much of it due to the fact that we embrace the importance of boring, repetitive, methodical work in order to build our business.
-BONUS: If you are a rare person that loves making cold calls, you may have a chance for additional opportunities. This is NOT a requirement. We are just communicating transparently that for the 1% of the population/workforce that happens to enjoy making cold calls, there may be additional opps and you could really really thrive here.

You are assigned a list of items and using a specific database, you research some specific information available via the database, then submit when done. Will expand during video interview for candidates selected for interview. All of the info must be taken seriously, laid out correctly, and be accurate. Pay is $17/hourly OR by information quota - to be negotiated, but most likely $17 hourly.

TO APPLY: Please submit your CONTACT INFO (DIRECT EMAIL AND PHONE) AND RESUME, and/or LinkedIn, and/or website (not your social media links. Social media links like IG, TikTok, etc. are for dynamic blazing personalities that would be bored doing this type of tedious work). For candidates we like, our initial response to your submission will be via email. This will be followed up by a VIDEO ZOOM interview. We have a hard working team and want to find people who embrace the boring work.

Please re-read above. Submit your resume and ensure it has contact info on it.

Boring work done right = tremendous success.


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