Politika in Los Angeles - Central LA

  1. Juneteenth is Just Another Holiday for Goddamn Government Employees
    Just a Way to get out of Paying Reparations
  2. RE- Bernie 32 Hour Workweek, "Hell No You Commie!!!!"
    32 Hour Workweek is Only For Us Government Employees
  3. Benjamin Netanyahu and Joe Biden Should Tried for Mass War Crimes
    Biden is a Puppet for the Military Industrial Complex
  4. Re -Inflation explained further
    Out of Control Goddamn Greed by the Filthy Fuck God Rich
  5. Republicans & Most Democrats Say Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme
    All The Elderly Who Can No Longer Work Should Be Euthanized
  6. Our Politicians Don't Get Any Financial Favors For Creating Jobs
    Only For Helping To Eliminate Them
  7. Re- Tune in (Los Angeles)
    Both Parties are Corrupt as Goddamn as Hell
  8. Seniors struggling to live
  9. Steve Garvey Running for Senate Wants an Audit of the 54 Billion Spent
    CA Bureaucrats say"Eat Shit, We deserve to Pocket That Money
  10. How Come China is Using All Their Wealth to Build Up Their Country?
    Yet All US Wealth Goes Into The Pockets of The Filthy Rich ?
  11. Re -Inflation explained further
    Out of Control Goddamn Greed by the Fuck God Filthy Rich
  12. Biden Steals the 100% Tariff on Electric Chinese Cars From Trump
    Why Didn't He Put Tariffs on All Those Other Chinese Goods?
  13. Thousands of Restaurants Closing Thanks to Gavin $20 Wage Increase
    The Moron Tries Easy Fix to Major League Problem
  14. A.r.e.. Y.o.u.. A.. Soc***ist .? L.e.t'.s..F.i.nd...O.u.t
    From the the town of of Reality