Premium 35mm Slide & Negative Scanning For Serious Photographers (Valencia)

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You spent a lot of money on your camera, lenses, and especially the film... Don't go cheap when you convert it to digital!

We often have people come to us after using a cheap service like LegacyBox, ScanCafe or Wal-Mart -- they are so unhappy with the results that they come to us for the quality they were expecting in the first place. Come to us first and pay only once!

Fun fact: both Scancafé and DVD Your Memories use ancient 20 year old scanners that max out at 4,000 dpi! Others use batch scanners that we have tested and found to be subpar.

We use state of the art modern scanners, capable of much higher resolution and dynamic range, and each slide is carefully cleaned and scanned one at a time, with software that compensates for different film stocks. We only scan at 48-bit 5,000 dpi uncompressed TIFF, 25-40% better resolution than the competition.

Dust and scratch removal, high dynamic range scans, color correction, advanced restoration, contact sheets, slide shows and more are available as custom options. We can scan stereoscopic / 3D / realist slides, Airequipt slides, and lots more!

We have decades of experience... our colorist graded the color of 135 television episodes before working with us.

Please send us a list of what you have, and we'll give you a custom quote! We offer special bulk rates for large libraries... no collection is too big! Whether 5,000 or 500,000, we can do them significantly faster and better than the competition.

We NEVER use flatbed scanners for 35mm slides and negatives, and we're happy to tell you why!

FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY on orders over 500 slides.


(note on the pics above -- these are raw scans of 40 year old slides -- no post processing)

TESTIMONIAL: Ira (10,000 slides scanned)

"Graham is the best! And his rates cannot be beat. Most important - I now have easy access to decades-old slides. Images I never would have seen again.
Ira from Sherman Oaks."

TESTIMONIAL: Neil (5,000+ slides, negatives and photos scanned)

"Hey, wanted to thank you, the scans came out great, everyone is very happy we finally have all these images so we can share them. Thank you!!!
Neil from Encino."

TESTIMONIAL: Elizabeth (1,800 slides scanned)

"If you are holding on to slides, and have no option for viewing, the only place to have your precious memories converted is with Graham!
My slides are over 57 years old, and have been sitting in storage for several years. Graham was able to scan 24 carousels of slides, over 1,800 slides of my entire childhood!
Graham recommended that we use the top quality TIFF scans, which included advanced color correction on each slide.
The results were unbelievable! It was as if the pictures were just taken, and honestly some of them look better than the originals.
The attention to detail and care that Graham used for my memories….. priceless!
Elizabeth from Santa Clarita…. a very happy customer!"

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