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make / manufacturer: The Leaves that Heal
model name / number: צרעת
I make an all natural serum to reduce or relieve completely, the symptoms of eczema. I am offering a free tester product before you buy so you could try it and if you don’t see the results you’re then no money lost. The ingredients range from honey to coconut oil to essential oils. I use various types of honey and I mix it all together. Attached are some pages about the product in the pictures as well as images like I said first one is free to try it out and then I have various size containers for various prices, feel free to give me a call if you’re interested. I also mix custom natural oil as well as essential oil colognes and perfumes so if you have a certain smell, you’re looking for for a sent you’re going for that you can’t seem to find I can’t I can make it in an all natural product. That’s not only gonna smell good will be good for you and your skin wherever it is , the name of my business and if you read the paperwork, see where all the glory goes and you also see that each one of these ingredients has been thoroughly background check and has publications in the national Institute of health and PubMed or other sources to show their veracity and the reason why I chose these ingredients . There are certain things you think would make it better or you would appreciate me to change or if you just wanna have it smell a certain way as well. We can work those through and I can help make a custom product that’s made specifically for you and your skin condition because every body skin is different Because that small minor changes have a huge and your input might make the difference between going away 80% to it being gone completely when you use the product either way I look forward to hearing from you.

Every part of this product is made by myself. All the ingredients are mixed together in beakers that are sterilized and it is cleaned and then the containers are 3-D printed by myself at my house and then once I seal them, they are not touched again until they arrive or get to the intended customer sealed and ready to heal.

if you look at the papers that I attached, it will give you a brief rundown of why I’m doing this, but all the glory goes to God and any healing or reduction of your eczema is all due to God‘s grace. I look forward to hearing from you and I hopethat regardless of your unique situation, I can create a product that relieves it completely

My name is Rob
The name of the business The leaves that Heal

Contact me at 166one5four2zerozero37

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