Piano Lessons -PIANO TRAINER- 🎹 "Ceballos Studio" (3-devices setup, class feels like in person! Reviews inside!)

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Hi! I am Héctor, a passionate pianist and composer who’s very excited and looking so much forward to be YOUR teacher soon!

After 20 years studying music on private instruction, and at world renowned institutions like the National Conservatory of Music of Mexico, and The Golandsky Institute, I’ve come to one conclusion. Piano playing (and music in general) should be leaned/taught INTUITIVELY. I was taught by my GREAT teachers in many different ways, each teacher has their particular methods/techniques. I’ve been under the guidance of teachers with very different styles and musical backgrounds and that allowed me to developed my own style.

If I was asked to define my teaching style in one word, that word would be “INTUITIVE”. I think of intuition as an EXTRAORDINARY power to help the student develop, step by step, and with the constant guide of the teacher, a solid foundation of limitless possibilities.

Each person has their OWN personality which is very linked to their own musical style. I will be by your side every second of the journey supporting your learning process, helping you find your own voice, giving you the necessary tools, answering your questions, and eventually cheering for your success.

I’d like to tell you two stories:

1) Many years ago a student was looking straight at her teacher’s upright piano which was some 3-4 feet from her. The piano was covered but she could still see the three pedals under the lightweight cover. She was hoping that her teacher let her play his black, elegant instrument soon. A minuet after, her teacher came back and took her seat by her side. The student was TERRIFIED when she saw her face after she told her “This is so funny” pointing out with her finger to the treble clef written by the teacher some 10 minutes before. “What’s funny?” The teacher asked. Something was wrong, the student was truly in terror. “Do a hundred of them” said the teacher. After the student draw two or three clefs, the teacher bursted into a violent rage. Give up music, you’re not talented enough. Go, go away and never be back again. The poor student left the studio crying, and was never back neither to the teacher’s studio nor music at all.

2) A 48 year old man who worked as a marketing consultant was at his teacher’s studio discussing with his teacher the way a chromatic scale should be pedaled. Both teacher and student were arguing because they had very different ideas. The student wanted to “vibrate pedal” all the way through while the teacher thought it more as a “full pedal” passage. The student won the argument. He explained to her that the harmonic pattern called for the use of that specific pedal technique. “But the real reason is that I just feel it that way”, the student said finally. Months after that lesson the student changed the pedaling to no pedal at all in the very beginning of the passage, started vibrating it little by little to end up with full pedal. A great example of cooperation and musical understanding between teacher and student.

Simple conclusion:

1) ———> I’m NOT one of these teachers. 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖

2) ———> I AM one of these teachers. 😄🙏🤓🎵🍀😎🎹👏💥🥳

If you’re a professional musician (or want to be), or you’re not... If you already know what a pentatonic scale is or you don’t know anything about music yet... If you are an artist, an accountant, a handyman, a sales person, etc... If you’re looking to deepen and improve your musicianship or just looking to explore the basics... You’re VERY WELCOME to my studio where you’ll ALWAYS find an answer to your musical questions and a place of continual search, exploration, and limitless intuitional learning. Human beings exploring the great mystery of music.

Welcome! I’m so much looking forward to start exploring music together!

Truly yours,

Héctor D. Ceballos
(818) 850-1309
Facebook/Instagram/Youtube: @ceballospianist
Website: ceballospianist.com

PS. Sorry for writing long. I forgot to say I’m an amateur writer!

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