3D Printing Service (Granada Hills)

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3D Printing Service

I'm offering 3D Resin Printing Services:

I've been 3D printing for 5+ years

Currently I only offer 3D Resin printing for the bed size listed below

I will in the near future offer 3D FDM(Filament Printing)

I can print mechanical pieces, toys, mini figures and more!

You have a mechanical part that you would like to design I can help you here too!

I am a mechanical designer with 15+ years design experience

Find out more about our Mechanical Design work here @: www.rkrgdesigns.com

I can slightly modify some existing STL files like add holes make some features larger if needed

Changes to an existing STL file are limited please keep this in mind

If it's a mechanical part you need designed or redesigned I do offer this service

I can 3D print your parts in any color I have available

Print time will depend on the size of the part and complexity

Printing cost is determined by part size and print time

For those that would like to 3D printed Jewelry models for Casting Silver, Gold, Bronze...etc normal 3D resin can not be used as the temp for casting is too high.

If your part is for Jewelry Casting please let me know I will print your part using POWER RESINS "DARK" resin. Due to this being a specialty resin the cost to print out Jewelry for casting is slightly higher.

As I do not know the requirements for Jewelry casting please look up "PowerResins" Dark and verify this resin will work for your type of casting.

My 3D Resin Printers:

Printer 1: Max-Print Size: 7.55"L x 4.72"W x 7.87"H (192mm x 120mm x 200mm)

Printer 2: Max-Print Size: 8.62"L x 4.84"W x 9.84"H (219mm x 123mm x 250mm)

High Resolution

Price is determined by Print Size, Print Supports, Quantity and Print Time

1. Send me your STL File you would like 3D resin printed
2. I will quickly determine if I can 3D print your part
3. Please let me know how many pieces you need printed
4. I will Slice the file and ensure it will fit on my printer
5. If file is successfully sliced I will send you the cost for your project

If your project is accepted for printing, I offer 2 payment options:

1. If your project is less than $50 and your local we can meet up locally to exchange parts and payment

2. If your project is more than $50 or you are not local I will need a deposit of 1/2 before I start and the balance
when the parts are completed.
(For deposit I prefer using PayPal I will send you over an invoice for the deposit and begin
your project once deposit is paid).

3. Shipping is available with payment being processed through Paypal, Standard Shipping Rates Apply

I can take cash on delivery or PayPal(For PayPal I can email you an invoice for the amount due).

If you are not familiar with 3D Resin printing, most models will require supports to print correctly
I will apply supports in the most logical way possible as to not effect the look or function of the 3D printed part.

Any section where a support is applied there will be a small divot or small mark, please keep this in mind.

When emailing me your STL file please include a brief description of your project

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks in advance.
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