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Professional writing is a craft much more than an art form. You have this amazing story in your head and/or on your computer that would make a terrific movie, TV series or book. You know it in your gut. And you've been thinking of it constantly and/or writing it down. Maybe been working on it for years. And it's insanely good.

Or could be.

But there are things you don't know for sure.

Call me, contact me, text me, meet me. Email me here, or call me at 323.236.8129. I can accelerate, elevate, activate it. I've done it as a career for many, many years and for many, many writers and producers, professional and amateur. I know a lot of agents and producers, but more importantly, I know what they like and don't like, what they want and don't want.

For a small fee I will read, evaluate, critique, discuss with you in detail, and then perhaps edit, polish, doctor or even ghostwrite if you wish.

And soon thereafter, everyone else is going to know what you already do. This thing rocks.
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