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Item number #023533
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The wall cutter is used to cut or slit reinforced concrete,brick walls and stone
materials.The machine adopts high power motor, strong power, high precision
cutting, fast speed.
1.Digital display, real-time monitoring of the host operation data, adjustable
speed, remote operation, safe and durable.
2.Thickened steel clamping plate, high strength, wear-resistant and not easy to
3.Folding rotating hand wheel, personality design, easy to operate, all plastic
shell, high insulation strength.
4.Aviation grade aluminum profile refined, high density, wear-resistant, not easy
to deformation or broken teeth, precision run-in, teeth uniform, not stuck teeth.
5.Provide water when cutting the next door to prevent excessive temperature damage to the saw blade.
6.Fast connection between controller and host, safe and convenient.
7.Thickened and widened design, more strong wear-resistant, long-term use more
Rated Voltage: 220V
Input Power: 5580W
Blade Diameter: 31.5″(80cm)
Max Cutting Depth: 12.6″(32cm)
No-load Speed: 350r/m
-Precautions for use:
1. Installation and fixation of the machine.
After installing the track, saw blade, and cover of the main machine, grasp the top of the machine with your
hand and shake the machine vigorously from side to side. If the machine shakes, it is necessary to adjust the
expansion screw on the rail and tighten it with a wrench. Cutting can only be carried out when the machine is
not swayed laterally or longitudinally.
2.The motor inside should pay attention to waterproof.
If the motor inside water, will cause electric shock or motor burn.
3. Cutting must be cooled in the water inlet valve.
Because the overheated saw blade will shorten its life, so in the cutting process, please pay attention to be sure to
supply water in the inlet valve, in addition, please pay attention to the use of recycled waste water, otherwise it will
affect the flow of water, resulting in damage to water seals and other parts.
4. Use a diamond saw blade.
This cutting machine should use diamond saw blades, and other cutting saw blades cannot be used instead of diamond saw
5.Allow the saw blade to fully rotate before starting cutting.
Turn on the switch and wait until the saw blade has fully rotated before starting normal cutting.
6.Do not touch the saw blade in rotation.
Do not touch the saw blade when the Angle is still rotating. This will cause serious injury and is very dangerous.
7.When operating at heights.
If the machine is operated at a high altitude, please pay attention to selecting a stable and secure location for
8.When the cutting machine is cutting laterally.
Because the machine must use cooling water during operation, it is very dangerous for the main machine motor to be above
during horizontal cutting, and vice versa. When the saw blade is above, water will run into the motor, which is very
9.When an abnormal phenomenon is found.
In the process of cutting, if the saw blade stops or you hear an abnormal sound, please turn off the switch immediately.
10.Please clean the machine after use.
In order to maintain the service life of the machine, please keep the fuselage clean at any time after use.

Item included:
1 set of 220V Concrete Wall Cutter #023533

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