📢 Calling All Moms | Earn 💰$95,000+ from Home as a Surrogate! (Los Angeles)

📢 Calling All Moms | Earn 💰$95,000+ from Home as a Surrogate! 1 thumbnail📢 Calling All Moms | Earn 💰$95,000+ from Home as a Surrogate! 2 thumbnail📢 Calling All Moms | Earn 💰$95,000+ from Home as a Surrogate! 3 thumbnail
compensation: Earn $95,000 and more!

Sign Up Today To Become a Surrogate and Make Up to $95,000!

Surrogates Wanted!
Hopeful parents need your help in giving the gift of life. See if you are eligible for $95,000 and more in compensation by signing up today!

Sign Up Today To Become a Surrogate and Make Up to $95,000!
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Options in Family’s surrogacy program is owned by medical professionals and supported by reproductive endocrinology and infertility staff.

Our CARE Surrogacy Program is perfect for you if you:

Are between 21-39 years old Have had at least one previous healthy pregnancy Live a healthy lifestyle Have reliable transportation

The CARE surrogacy program is designed to be a full concierge service. We are here to assist and guide you in every step of your journey.

Why Are Surrogates Important?

For many families, surrogates are like superhero helpers for an abundant number of reasons:

Baby Boost Baby Boost
When some people can't carry babies, surrogates step in to make their dreams of parenthood come true.

Medical Hurdles Medical Hurdles
Health issues might prevent a pregnancy, and surrogates provide a safe way to bring a baby into the world.

Non-Traditional Parents Non-Traditional Parents
For same-sex male couples or single parents, surrogates offer a path to having a biological child.

Fulfilling Jobs Fulfilling Job
This program is great for those who are natural givers. Our surrogates can find joy in helping others start families while also earning income.

Genetic Link Genetic Link
Surrogacy gives an option beyond adoption for those who want a genetic link to their child.

What Is The Surrogacy Process?

Step 1: Phone Consultation
To start your journey as a surrogate, you'll need to submit an initial application, which will only take about 5 minutes. This application ensures you meet the basic requirements to become a surrogate. Once you apply, our team will reach out to you for further steps. Click here to apply.

Step 2: Approval of Surrogacy Application
When your initial surrogacy application is approved, our surrogacy coordinator will do an in-home interview with you and your spouse to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding surrogacy.

Step 3: Clearance From an Obstetrician
You will next need to request a clearance letter from your OB that will be submitted to the fertility clinic. In addition to requesting your pregnancy and hospital delivery information at this time, we will also conduct a background check and criminal record check.

Step 4: Become Matched with a Couple or Individual
After all your records have been submitted and approved, we’ll take care of matching you with intended parents. When you’ve been matched with the intended parents, we’ll set up an appointment so you can meet.

Step 5: Undergoing Medical and Psychological Screening
After you’ve been matched, the next step in the process will include medical screenings and a psychological clearance that will be covered by the intended parents. We offer coordination with local centers for screenings, so you don’t have to worry about travel. Once you’ve completed and passed these screenings, the intended parents will acquire insurance to cover your surrogacy journey.

Step 6: Consulting with an Attorney
You will next be required to schedule a legal consultation with an attorney to review the legal contract that outlines your rights and responsibilities. After signing the contract, you will begin the surrogacy process. Legal fees will be covered by the intended parents.

Step 7: Coordinating Throughout the Surrogacy Timeline
The fertility clinic will first supply you with a calendar specifying the start of your injections, preparing your body for the embryo transfer. The embryo transfer will be performed in the physician’s office and will last roughly 15 to 20 minutes. Two days of mandatory bed rest at home will precede the embryo transfer. Once your pregnancy has been confirmed, we will guide you through the remainder of your journey until delivery.

How Are Surrogates Paid and Compensated?
Our Surrogates Can Earn Up To $95,000 and More!

Options in Family surrogates receive generous compensation and benefits for the time they commit to carrying a child for a family. The compensation and benefits vary based on a multitude of circumstances and are paid at various times throughout the pregnancy. The intended parents are responsible for all expenses related to surrogacy, including but not limited to surrogate base compensation, medical clearance, and any legal representation required. You can submit your application to become a surrogate by filling out the form below.

Interested in joining our program? We would love to hear from you! Sign up easily with our form online and see if you qualify at www.OptionsInFamily.com/Become-a-Surrogate

Sign Up Today To Become a Surrogate and Make Up to $95,000!

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