U could get paid to learn Machining and Fabrication (East Los Angeles)

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5111 Via Corona Street near Atlantic Blvd.
compensation: Fees, Commissions, Education, possible place to stay ect.
(we keep getting responses from applicants who can't seem to read or comprehend the words nor follow the directions! If this is you, PLEASE DON'T WASTE your (or our) time!)

Machining schools typically charge $10K-$20K and take 7 to 24 months before you see any income. One of the most talented Machinists/fabricators/Mechanics I've ever known was a young man who responded to an ad similar to this one wanting to learn machining, fabrication, and mechanics.
Our arrangement gave him the tools he needed to learn to become a very skilled machinist AND make INCOME in the process.
If like him you too want to learn Machining, Fabrication (including welding) & Mechanics AND want to make money in the process, please respond with a letter of interest and resume (with contact number) to barbereddie@gmail.com

Possible temporary roof over your head at the shop may be available (as we all know rent and travel in LA can be crazy, especially for a student).

You probably will NOT make any income on the 1st day, possibly not even the 1st week or so (but you could if you are really sharp, bright, on the ball, organized, and able to follow directions well)!

This is free/trade training apprenticeship NOT an Employee employer relationship! I am NOT the BOSS of YOU!!!
You will have many opportunities to make money as you become knowledgeable and worthy of fees & commissions for making & selling (yes, sells & marketing is a very important element of being your own boss) things.

We can literally help you learn to make as much as a Doctor makes (up to about $150/hour or so).

Also, we can possibly help you learn English, as well as wood carving and sculpting (one of our instructors likes to teach these).

We help you learn, you help us teach you as well as make stuff.

Non-smokers only (as I am highly allergic and have health issues working with smokers).

If you are sharp, bright, on the ball, and organized with plenty of time to learn new skills, and this sounds interesting to you, please reply with a letter of interest and resume with a contact number.

Minorities and females are encouraged to apply.

5 things that can help make you an ideal candidate:
1. Being available most of the time (As in Minimal outside distractions).
2. Being desirous of following directions (being a great Student).
3. Having a great attitude (happy to be learning).
4. Having great aptitude (EZ to teach, EZ to "Get it").
5. Living in or near East LA (so you won't be wasting too much time or money on travel to or from our facility).

Lastly, this is a serious commitment. If you don't have at least 8 hours a day to invest in your future, this is probably not for you!

Thank You for your time and consideration!

BTW, I'm a multiple award-winning (see pics) creator who loves to create and teach who is also a "special needs" person and needs all the help he can get to create (and change the world for the better).
Also, Byron Pitts (Anchor of ABC Nightline & CBS 60 Minutes) was one of the 1st Interns I worked with and he actually wrote about me in his book "Step Out On Nothing" (starting on page 147). I was instrumental in helping change his life for the better and I can possibly help you too if you've got what it takes to succeed working with me.

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