compensation: 50/50 split
employment type: employee's choice
job title: lead generator
WE NEED LEAD GENERATORS TO CREATE LEADS FOR OUR SETTLEMENT BROKERS. A LEAD IS SOMEONE WHO WOULD LIKE TO HAVE CASH FOR THEIR LIFE INSURANCE POLICY INSTEAD OF THE POLICY. This is called a life settlement. Life settlements allow a life policy holder, in most cases 65 years or older, to obtain cash for unwanted or unaffordable policies. More than ever, seniors find that they need cash for living expenses instead of their existing policies. Although statistically 90% of seniors do not know they have this option, life settlements were established and legalized in 1911 through a Supreme Court decision (Grigsby v Russell) which deemed a life insurance policy an asset that can be sold. Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are inspired by the growth of the industry as IT IS ALREADY A $13 BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY AND 90% OF THE SENIOR MARKET ARE STILL NOT AWARE THAT THEY HAVE THIS OPTION. Buffett and Gates large stake in the settlement industry is outlined in "Berkshire Hathaway Strikes Again". There are 2.5 million seniors a year who will walk away from their life insurance policies with little or nothing, a loss of $900 billion in benefits to the policy holders.

Below are a few examples of our recent life settlement cases and how seniors were helped.

A current client with a $200,000 universal life policy with $600 cash in it. The client didn't need it anymore and did not want to put anymore money in it. So instead of surrendering the policy for $600 she cashed a check for $95,000.

A 66-year-old woman with multiple sclerosis had a $150,000 term policy that she didn't need anymore but needed the money for her care needs. The product was marketed for $25,000 giving her the financial cushion she wanted.

A 78-year-old man with cancer had a $250,000 term policy and didn't need the policy because the home was paid off. The opening offer for the policy was $15,000. By using a good life settlement broker who marketed the policy, he eventually sold it for $128,000. (Settlement brokers take bids from individuals, groups, and companies to get the most money for their client, the policy holder.)

A 58-year-old had a $1.6 million universal life policy. The family did not need the life insurance and he wanted to buy a ranch. He sold the policy for $350,000 (the opening offer was $125,000).

A 66-year-old man had a term life insurance policy that was reaching the end of its term. He sold the policy for $75,000. He was on the verge of walking away with nothing as most people do because they do not know that they have this option.

The commission for our settlement brokers is $5,000 and up. The largest commission we have seen was a triple play, 3 sales with one client; a term conversion, life settlement, and annuity, for a total commission to the settlement broker of $647,940. Yes, this was an exceptional case, however, it happened. Commissions can be very large. While policy holders received $1.1 billion dollars in payouts last year from selling their policies, agents earned $96 million dollars. ***Check out the website of one of our settlement brokers: rehburglifesettlements.com. Included on her site you will find: references, testamonials, questions and answers, business she has written, etc. Also, there is a blog when she was on the NBC Today Show, seen on the Home Page.***

We pay our lead generators 50% of whatever our commission is. That 50% for the lead generator is $2,500 and up for every lead that evolves into a settlement. When our commission is more, then the fee for the lead generator is more. If our commission is 100K or more, then we pay the lead generator 30% of whatever our commission is. Lead generators are also paid their fee on all referral business. We receive a lot of referral business coming from the original lead. This is not sales. No license is needed. Our lead generators ask perspective clients if they would like to have cash for their life insurance policy instead of the policy. If they say yes, then it is a lead that goes to one of our settlement brokers. Yes, these are very high fees that we pay lead generators, but we have been using lead generators since 1993, we know their value and we pay accordingly. We wouldn't have the business without them.

We provide unlimited free leads to lead generators. We also provide unlimited free marketing materials in case a lead generator wants to create a blog, website, social media, senior gatherings, etc. (Settlement brokers will do zoom meetings for 1 or more people.) This is information we have developed over a period of time working with people who retired out of the industry or have become very successful. This information is invaluable to us. We provide ongoing all day support to lead generators, taking care of whatever they need. Also, we keep an ongoing record of everything that is going on with a lead, which is emailed to lead generators so that they know exactly what is going on with their leads.

Licensed in Insurance and Financial Services since 1993

If this sounds like it may be a fit for you then call our corporate offices at 888-489-0130, ext. 456, for an overview of this opportunity. Listen to it as many times as you like and leave your name and number twice if you would like to speak to us. Please speak clearly and do whatever checking you need to do before you leave your information.

Thank you

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