Nonprofit Representative/ Partnership Specialist (Pasadena)

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Nonprofit Representative/ Partnership Specialist

We are a 501(c)(3) Public Charity focused on improving the lives of women and children through education, resources, and personal development which focuses on:

Main Focus:
• Rehoming Awareness (Unregulated Child Custody Transfers)

What is Rehoming? - Parents have the legal responsibility to protect and care for their children. The unregulated custody transfers of adopted children, commonly referred to as “rehoming,” is a practice where the parents of adopted children decide that the child is not a fit anymore and turn to the internet or other unregulated networks to find a new home for their child. This practice puts children at risk of being placed in dangerous situations where they may face harm from the adults who receive them.

Other Areas of Focus:
• Foster homes/ Orphanages
• Widows Financial Support Groups
• Entrepreneurship
• Education

We are looking for talented individuals who would like to be a part of building awareness about what we do and the programs we offer. We are currently focused on building partnerships with other nonprofits, cooperation’s, and local governments.

• A person in this position will build relationships with other organizations and find where there are overlaps and where we can build value
• Secure partner alliances and financial backing
• And solidify go forward plans

Must Have
• Good presentation – visually, conversationally, written
• Must be well spoken
• Professional
• Should be able to work with all different types of people
• Must be extremely organized
• Must be attentive to detail
• Likes or can accepts challenges
• Experience in and has a strong ability to negotiate
• Likes to learn about business
• Ability to think outside of the box and to see things from multiple perspectives
• Problem solver
• Diligent
• Has perseverance
• Needs little supervision - can get your projects done without being reminded
• Must be flexible and adaptable to change
• Can handle multiple projects
• Can work in a fast pace environment
• Strong prioritization skills
• Will ask for help, and clarification when needed
• Solution focus
• Has an understanding of business and business interactions
• Has a car

We appreciate bold, independent, and strong personalities those who what to continue to grow level up their life or just find this to be a match for what you need. There is potential to move up as we grow. Prefer applicants to have high school and college education or equivalent experience. You can work from home, partner meetings to take place at their office or over lunch, in person team meetings to take place as needed.

This is a fun and encouraging opportunity to work with a new organization. If you are great at building relationships and would like to represent a dynamic, fun, professional, and elegant organization with some old school values and new school flair. This could be just the place for you.

This is a volunteer position to start with potential to turn into a paid position. Please submit a resume and cover letter to be considered.

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