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Acts of the Gods : The Ugaritic Epic Poetry : 'Alilot ha-Elim : A Revised and Expanded Edition / by Svi Rin, Emeritus Professor of Semitic Studies, University of Pennsylvania and Shifra Rin, Semitics Librarian, University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, 1996. The texts of Ugarit, dating from about 35 centuries ago, include ancient legends and epic poetry, texts of religion and ritual, letters of diplomacy, and more. This volume deals mainly with the epic poetry of the Ugaritic literature.
In the Rins' work, the Ugaritic poems are presented in three columns: transliteration, transcription, and paraphrase -- ALL IN HEBREW CHARACTERS, along with COMMENTARY IN HEBREW (881 p.) as well as 81 PAGES OF ANALYSIS IN ENGLISH.
Included are 16 new tablets from Ugarit released since the first 1968 edition. There are new introductions and summaries. Quarto, hard-bound in gilt stamped brown leatherette. The binding is solid and tight. The contents are bright and clean. Excellent condition. lxxxi, 881 pp. [total 962 p.], map, chart, plates, glossary, articles, abbreviations, bibliography.
This work is of value for Biblical research and for the study of ancient Near East culture in general. The poems offer the missing link in the literary tradition of which the Hebrew Bible is an extension. In the Ugaritic writings, not only are the Biblical patterns, rhythm and parallelism, imagery and parables drawn from ancient tradition, but even word combinations and expressions in Ugaritic and Biblical texts are identical.
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