maak plasing gnstling PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHER | Pro Product Photography for Amazon / E-Commerce (SoCal) verskuil hierdie plasing maak sigbaar

Please compare my portfolio against any other photographer on craigslist! See my portfolio website at

I create beautiful product photos for Amazon, e-commerce websites, advertising and product packaging. Expert Photoshop editing, resizing per Amazon requirements and virtually unlimited usage rights INCLUDED with all my jobs! No hidden fees. Most products qualify for my popular $39 per image flat rate (single item, pure white background). Ask me for details.

Choose any style background for your photos:
-- Pure white background, with drop shadows and/or reflections if desired
-- Color background or transparent background
-- Lifestyle product photos with or without a model

I also create product videos:
-- 360ยบ rotation videos
-- Demos and "unboxing" videos
-- Kickstarter and Indiegogo videos

Please note: My studio is in Santa Barbara, CA. My LA area clients usually ship their items to me for photography. However, all of my gear is portable, so I'm able to travel to any location for photography if necessary.

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