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compensation: 10% Equity Share

Dear Editors-



I recently finished principle photography on my upcoming LA dramedy feature film, and we're looking to build a working relationships with a talented independent editor to help us bring in the cut.

The project was built on a WGA screenplay with a great cast. We shot in 4k with anamorphic lenses. It is very much an 'LA indie festival' type of film. Some films that share similar themes and an artistic sensibility are, specifically, 'In Search of a Midnight Kiss', '6 Years,' 'Falling Overnight', 'Paper Year', 'It happened in LA,' 'Don't Think Twice', and 'The New Romantic'. For a broader, general perspective think 'Gardenstate', since it's mentioned often and most indie film lovers have seen it.


Again, the film is in the can and ready to cut. We're specifically looking to partner with an independent film editor with feature film credits that share a sensibility to our vision and the type of film genre we're operating in, that is, modern day independent dramedies that take place in major metropolitan US cities, such as Los Angeles or New York.

The project needs to be cut on either DaVinci Resolve or Adobe Premiere, so our editor must be a master of one or both of these programs.

Additionally, as the writer/director, I want to build a 'working relationship' with a very talented and creative editor that I can potentially work with for years to come.

That said, this project is still my baby, and an editor that helps me birth the best cut possible of my passion project into the world will officially be a part of my team.


Timeline for the job is 4-10 weeks (depending on editor). We're not going to rush this process. We really want this to be perfect and let it take however much time it takes. We'd much rather miss some festival deadlines and have a better film for life, then the other way around.

-- GOALS --

Our goals for the finished film are to submit to every tier 1 film festival for the 2020 festival circuit as well as our selective list of tier 2 festivals in California, while at the same time presenting the film to our list of buyers and sales agents we're in contact with to see if we get a good offer out of the gate. We already had several pre-offers.

-- RATE --

So far, myself and my production team have been able to finance our film without taking outside investor money offers. Because of this, we've been able to retain all creative control and the experience and work has been amazing on the creative end. This has been my first feature film were I've managed to retain the majority of the creative control as the director, and I intend to keep it that way as long as possible.

In order to do this, we're offering a 10% equity share in exchange for your creative editing services. This means that you'll be written into the LLC and get paid when myself (the director) and our core producers get paid. It means if the film makes money you'll be paid for life along with myself and the team.

I know it's not as ideal as an 'upfront rate', but in order to accomplish what I want to accomplish with this film this is the best myself and the other producers can offer right now. I'm avoiding taking outside investor money on this project as long as possible to execute my vision. I may eventually have to unless my ideal candidate rises to the top, and I have faith that they are out there.

In the case that I do need to raise additional financing, I already have my ideal short-list of editors on stand-by that I would go to for hire who have already read the script and want to do the project, so there's no chance of me 'changing my mind' on the rate as far as this post/offer is concerned, so please don't inquire.

Before I do that, I want to see who else is out there in the talent pool before I go right to the A-listers. For this type of film, I don't think it's necessary, and again, I want to keep as much creative control of the project as I can, free from unnecessary outside input from individuals who aren't qualified to influence artistic films of this level. I'm a huge advocate for undiscovered talent and I feel this project is a perfect opportunity to bring that talent to light.

To compensate, we feel 10% is a very nice chunk of equity for such an essential creative member of the team, and I hope it conveys my sincere intentions to make the best film possible with respect to real creative editing talent.


Please send an email listing all relative credentials (credits, IMDb, website) and why you are perfect for this job. If you have credits, please lead with them as they are important. Applicants with notable feature film credits in the genre will be given top consideration, however, we are open to talented upcoming editors looking for a feature break. The clearer and more specific you can be on why you are the right editor for our project the better.

-- * IMPORTANT * --

You MUST signify that you are willing to consider working on 10% equity in the body of your submission, and you must signify that you cut professionally on either DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere, or both.

We get a lot of qualified candidates, but when they don't read the rate beforehand it wastes our time and yours. In order to remedy this, we MUST see a note saying "I am willing to consider working for 10% equity" in the body of your submission. Applicants without this note in the email will be deleted without consideration. Again, this is all we can offer with this post, we will not be considering any other options here.

Of course, we wouldn't expect you to commit to edit our project for equity without vetting it first, so we just need your consideration to start the application process. Our projects IMDB and additional details about the director, cast, and production team will be disclosed to applicable candidates. Applicable candidates will also have the opportunity to vet the script and view footage/dailies before committing to the project, as it is a story and performance driven film, and we want our ideal candidate to fall in love with the story and performances as much as we have.


After application and the vetting process on both ends, meetings will commence in West Hollywood over the upcoming few weeks to see if it is the right creative fit on both ends.

Thank you for considering our project, and we look forward to reviewing your submissions.


The Writer/Director
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